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Koei Tecmo

Koei Tecmo and Gust Corporation sent out a new Nights of Azure 2 update today. We’re primarily introduced to Lily character (support character) Eleanor Ernesto and new general character Roeldilith, but new screenshots and art are available as well. The full roundup is below, courtesy of Gematsu.

New Lily Character

– Eleanor Ernesto (voiced by Aimi Tanaka)
– Chocolatier wandering the world in search of the ultimate chocolate ingredients
– She is well known, even in the world of demons
– Merchant
– Uses her money on her chocolate makin
– Lively and cheerful
– Has a side to her that behaves recklessly where chocolate is concerned
– Uses a huge mixer hammer
– She will support Alushe in battle as a Lily
– Eleanor earns money as a merchant, but it’s all for the sake of chocolate
– She is searching for the ultimate chocolate ingredients, as it is her greatest passion to make the ultimate chocolate

New Character Alushe Will Encounter

– Roeldilith (voiced by Chie Matsuura)
– Founder of the Lourdes Order
– Frail and thin
-Has a bandaged wrapped around her eye
– Soaks her body in pure water
– She is against the Curia
– Trying to prevent the “Bride of Time” from being sacrificed

Koei Tecmo has been one of the strongest third-party supporters of Switch thus far. Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII and Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence are already available – at least in Japan. Nights of Azure 2 and Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi were also recently announced. Of course, we also can’t forget that Fire Emblem Warriors (in partnership with Nintendo) is on the way. You can also sort of count Dragon Quest Heroes I-II, as it was made by Omega Force, a division within Koei Tecmo.

Koei Tecmo has even more plans for Switch in the future. At a financial results briefing this week, chairman Keiko Erikawa noted that the company’s multiplatform engine has Switch embedded, meaning it can generate PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch titles automatically from a single source. Erikawa also spoke positively about Switch’s “anytime anywhere” concept and believes it will be successful, so they’ll to continue support it.

Koei Tecmo is already working on Switch exclusive title(s) other than Fire Emblem Warriors. Also, they’ll deliver Switch games one after another.

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Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi was announced for Switch this week. Today, Koei Tecmo launched the game’s official website (in Japanese). There’s not that much to find there at the moment, but you can look at some screenshots and artwork.


A new article from Famitsu offers the first screenshots from Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi, which was announced for Switch this week. View them below.

The preview images of this week’s Famitsu magazine have revealed a new game for the Switch: Nobunaga’s Ambition: Taishi (Aspiration), the latest entry in the long-running Nobunaga’s Ambition series. We don’t know much beyond that at this point, but expect more info once we get our hands on this week’s issue of Famitsu.

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Koei-Tecmo is using the airing of the anime’s second season as an opportunity to promote the new Attack on Titan game for 3DS, subtitled as Escape from Certain Death.

That’s why we have a bunch of new screenshots and video clips that show the characters featured in Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death and some of the mechanics that players will have to know in order to use.

Check everything out after the jump:

Koei Tecmo published a pair of commercials for Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death today. Both are attached below.

Koei Tecmo may have plans to localize Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 with Power-up Kit. The Switch game launches later this month in Japan, and a rating with a similar name has popped up in Australia. Its classification is listed as “Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII: Fame and Strategy Expansion Pack Bundle”.

We could have a situation on our hands similar to RPG Maker Fes. A rating for that title appeared just prior to NIS America announcing the title for North America and Europe.

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Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death has been delayed to May 11 in Japan. The 3DS title was set to release on March 30, and it has been delayed to improve its quality.


The latest episode of Denjin Getcha once again featured Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13 with Power-up Kit. Check out the recording below for footage.

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