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Earlier today, Koei Tecmo offered a first look at the special versions of Fire Emblem Warriors for Japan. Fans will be able to pick up a Premium Box and Treasure Box for the game.

The packaging for the Premium Box appears to have accidentally revealed two new characters for Fire Emblem Warriors. Sprites for male Robin and Lissa were spotted on the official packaging. Worth noting, Famitsu edited its article and removed the box from the image.

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New Nights of Azure 2 footage

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Gust shared two new videos for Nights of Azure 2. One strictly shows gameplay while the other has event scenes. Both can be found below.

New details are in for Nights of Azure 2. The latest information covers Malvasi (“Queen of the Moon”), The Three Popes, and Lily characters. Find everything rounded up below with screenshots included, courtesy of Gematsu.

Malvasia, the “Demon / Queen of the Moon” (voiced by Yu Shimamura)

– The head of the demons who emerged as a replacement for the Nightlord who disappeared
– She can be sealed away by offering the “Bride of Time”
– It is said that she was a calm demon in the past, but now for some reason seems to be trying to envelop the world in eternal night
– —A being that appears divine
– She addresses Alushe with cold eyes and a disinterested tone

The Three Popes, “The Top of the Curia” (voiced by Reiko Suzuki)

– The top of the Curia, who are trying to offer up the Bride of Time in order to seal the Queen of the Moon
– After reflecting on the dictatorial rule of the former pope, the new popes were established as a three-person parliamentary system to make decisions
– The three popes calmly gaze at Alushe and company through the openings of their majestic outfits
– With light shining through the stained glass behind them, the three popes give off a cold atmosphere during an audience
– Even those that belong the Curia have not seen their faces

Kotaku caught up with Intelligent Systems’ Masahiro Higuchi and Koei Tecmo’s Yosuke Hayashi for a chat about Fire Emblem Warriors at E3. The developers spoke about the hardcore mode, permadeath, how they went about choosing characters, and more. Higuchi also showed some interest in wanting to remake Famicom Wars.

Head past the break for notable comments from Higuchi and Hayashi. The full interview is on Kotaku here.

Yesterday, Digital Foundry offered an early technical analysis for Super Mario Odyssey based on the game’s E3 appearance. They’ve now done the same for Fire Emblem Warriors.

Comparing things to Hyrule Warriors, Fire Emblem Warriors sees an increase in resolution. The Wii U game ran at 720p while the new Switch title runs between 900p and 1080p. Digital Foundry adds that Fire Emblem Warriors features more detailed character models and more enemies on screen at once.

Gust have published video that gives a nice preview of the Nights of Azure 2 soundtrack; give it a watch:

As a reminder, both of the game’s special editions also come with a copy of the soundtrack. Nights of Azure 2 will be released on the Switch in Japan on August 31st.

Koei Tecmo has announced that, in addition to Champion Jockey Special, the horse racing simulation game Winning Post 8 2017 will also be released on September 14 on the Nintendo Switch. The interesting part is that you can share save data between both games – for example, you can use a horse you raised in Champion Jockey Special as a race horse in Winning Post 8 2017.

An English localization of either game is pretty unlikely, but if can speak Japanese and are a fan of the genre, September 14 looks to be a pretty great day.


Off-screen Fire Emblem Warriors images

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Here are some off-screen images of Fire Emblem Warriors for the Switch. Check them all out below.


Two special versions of Fire Emblem Warriors have been announced for Japan. Like Hyrule Warriors and some other Koei Tecmo releases, the game will be receiving a Treasure Box and Premium Box.

Both versions copy with a copy of the game, 80-page art book, 3-disc soundtrack, and character postcards. The Treasure Box also features a Dragon Stone Crystal clock with voice included.

On Switch, the Premium Box is 10,800 yen and 9,800 yen on New 3DS. The Treasure Box is 15,800 yen and 14,800 yen respectively.


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