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Monster Hunter XX

Some of the first hands-on events were held for the new Switch version of Monster Hunter XX this weekend. The game was playable at the Monster Hunter Summit Tournament at Big Sight in Tokyo.

Monster Hunter expert Gaijinhunter tried out the demo, and reports that Monster Hunter XX is 30 frames per second on Switch. This was most likely to be expected. When it was originally on 3DS, Monster Hunter XX was also at 30 frames per second, and cross-play between the two versions will be supported.

Monster Hunter XX launches for Switch in Japan on August 25. Capcom has not announced localization of the game at this time.


This week’s episode of Capcom TV aired earlier today and featured The Great Ace Attorney 2 as well as Monster Hunter XX on Switch. Footage of both games can be found below.

GameSpot reported today that after reaching out to Capcom, the publisher has no plans to localize Monster Hunter XX for the west. The series’ official Twitter account has since put out the following:

Admittedly, that comment doesn’t really clarify the situation. Capcom did tack on “at this time” though, so perhaps they don’t want to rule out localization entirely. GameSpot also didn’t post Capcom’s original statement word-for-word – it was instead a paraphrase – so that certainly doesn’t help things.

In any case, Monster Hunter XX isn’t heading west… for now. It’s unclear if and when that will change.


Monster Hunter XX may end up being a Japanese-only title – at least for the time being. GameSpot got in touch with the company directly to ask about any plans for a western release. Unfortunately, Capcom said it has no plans to localize the game. If that ever changes, we’ll definitely let you know.

Monster Hunter XX originally came out on 3DS last year. If you’re interested in the upcoming Switch release though, importing could be an option for some as the system is region-free.


The new Switch version of Monster Hunter XX was again showcased on this week’s episode of Capcom TV. Watch the full recording below.

On a related note, Amazon has opened pre-orders for Monster Hunter Stories. Pre-order the game here.

Monster Hunter XX Switch footage

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During a live stream hosted today, Capcom showed off actual footage from Monster Hunter XX on Switch. We’ve posted the gameplay below.

Following the announcement of Monster Hunter XX on Switch, Famitsu has its first coverage of the new version this week. The magazine mainly tackles the controls and information about save transfers, but we also have a couple of tidbits about improvements plus screenshots.

Capcom has prepared a second new commercial for the Switch version of Monster Hunter XX. Have a look at it below.

Amazon Japan has just uploaded a bunch of new screenshots showing Monster Hunter XX on Switch. Check them out in the gallery below:

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Capcom is planning various products surrounding Monster Hunter XX on Switch. We know about the special Switch bundle, and on top of that, there will also be a Monster Hunter XX Limited Edition.

The package will include a copy of the game, mini shoulder bag, Creators Selection Soundtrack with five songs, and a Production Note book similar to the 3DS version earlier in the year. Buyers on the e-Capcom store will also receive one of nine Renkin Style Acrylic Dot Mascots at random.

We’ll also point out that Capcom will release a Monster Hunter XX Value Pack containing copies of the game on Switch and 3DS. The e-Capcom bonuses will be offered here as well.

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