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Splatoon 2

– Work together in teams of up to four to collect Salmonid eggs
– The mode is split up into three waves
– Each wave gives the team a quota of eggs to collect, as well as a time limit
– The goal is to defeat enemies, causing them to drop eggs
– You must then haul those eggs back to the basket
– If you meet your quota when time expires, all remaining enemies retreat and you move on to the next round
– Difficulty can be set out of 100%, Game Informer’s demo was set to 5%
– Heavy Salmonids have armor in the front
– Have to distract these enemies while a teammate flanks it to blast ink at its exposed backside
– When Inklings take too much damage in Salmon Run, they can be revived by a teammate shooting them with ink
– Boss character is in the form of a tall, slender creature
– Boss is just pots stacked on top of each other
– Blast at the bottom pot for it to disappear and the creature to shrink
– Continue to do this until the enemy is nothing
– Bosses more difficult in following waves
– One boss is a massive metal eel
– The eel rains down hostile ink
– This boss is driven by a Salmonid creature
– Blast the operator and destroy the eel
– Another boss has two trashcans attached to the side
– The boss hovers over the battlefield, seemingly invincible
– Trashcan opens and it rains down blobs of ink
– Take him out by tossing bombs into the open trashcans
– Enemies appeared in greater numbers in wave three
– 40% was the highest difficulty people on the Nintendo E3 team could beat


“This is Inkblot Art Academy. Many an Inkling artist graduated from this prestigious institution. There are various sculptures and objects around campus, and climbing up on them can give you an advantage in battle. Even the random ink splashes on the campus buildings have an artistic flair to them.”


Splatoon 2 is getting some nice quality-of-life additions. The official Splatoon Twitter account revealed that the game now tracks assists, i.e. team member’s contributions to a splat. The number of splats each player does doesn’t really matter in Splatoon compared to most other shooters, but it’s still nice that the game is tracking such a teamwork-oriented stat. If you get an assist, the icon displayed on screen is a circle, instead of the usual spiked/pointy shape.

In addition to that, the game also tracks how often you used your special during a match and displays that number on the results screen at the end.


The Splatoon Twitter account has revealed some new gear abilities that will be in Splatoon 2. First up is Special Performance Up – as the name implies, this improves the performance of your special weapon. The exact improvements depend on the weapon – for example, the Tenta Missiles’ cursor gets a wider range, allowing you to hit more targets with it.

Next up is Sub Performance Up. As you might be able to guess, this improves your sub weapons, and again, the improvements depend on the weapon. For example, Splat Bombs can be thrown farther and the Ink Mine gets a larger blast radius.

Some abilities from the first game have also seen some changes. Ink Resistance Up can now be found on headgear, in addition to footwear. Quick Respawn has also been changed –  if you get splatted continuously without splatting an opponent in return, your respawn time gets even shorter.


One of the surprising standout elements of the original Splatoon was Hero Mode, the game’s single-player campaign. For Splatoon 2, Nintendo is bringing it back and expanding it further.

Director Yusuke Amano spoke about the upgraded Hero Mode in this month’s issue of GamesTM. Pretty much all aspects have been “expanded considerably,” according to the developer.

Amano said:

The fourth spotlight video is now online for the 2017 Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational. Today we’re introduced to Deadbeat, the team representing North America. Take a look at the video below.

The Splatoon 2 Splat Chat is back with a new video. This time around, there’s discussion about how the single-player mode can help train you in the essentials before starting multiplayer, the importance of using recon to understand how stages change based on the mode, and how Ink Rails being added to Moray Towers can change team strategy.

The Splatoon Twitter account has been releasing tons of weapon info this week, and today is no exception.

First up, we have confirmation that the Splatterscope will return in Splatoon 2. Just like in the first game, it has the Splash Bomb sub weapon, in addition to having the new Sting Ray special. What’s interesting to note is that unlike the Splat Charger, you won’t be able to keep your charge.

Next up, we have some info on the weapons that were available in the Global Testfire as they have seen some changes since then. The Splattershot now has the Splashdown special, instead of the Tenta Missiles. It still has the Burst Bomb sub.

The Splat Roller keeps its Splashdown special, but now has the Curling Bomb sub weapon.

The Splat Charger still has the Splat Bomb sub and Sting Ray special, but you can now move a little faster while aiming with it.

The Splat Dualies now have the Burst Bomb sub weapon instead of the Curling Bombs and the Tenta Missiles special instead of the Ink Jet.


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