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An update can now be downloaded for Urban Trial Freestyle 2. Version 1.1.0 is out for all players who own the game.

Official patch notes are below:

– Corrected position of the stunts and adjusted scoring in Stunt Mode
– Reworked Decors and the Camera in the Level Editor
– Tweaked difficulty of the Challenge Tracks
– Minor bug fixes

Urban Trial Freestyle 2 has only been distributed in Europe thus far. The title should be releasing in North America soon, though it’s unclear if and when the update will be offered.

Update (4/7): Players should be able to grab the new update on iOS and Android.

Original (4/6): An update for Pokemon GO is in the process of being released. iOS users should soon be able to download version 1.31.0, while Android users will have version 0.61.0 to download.

The update adds Traditional Chinese language support and the Pokemon collection screen scroll bar has been updated, but otherwise includes only minor changes such as text changes and bug fixes.


Frozenbyte has updated Has-Been Heroes on Switch with another update. Version 1.0.2 is out now on the platform.

Specific patch notes for Switch weren’t distributed (at least as of now), but some news was shared for the Steam version and likely apply here as well. Players should anticipate the following changes and improvements:

* Gameplay: Hitting over enemy Stamina now has a damage penalty of -10% instead of -25%
* Gameplay: Skeleton Leader, who speeds up nearby enemies, now always walks into the battle, never spawns in the middle
* Gameplay: Red-bandana “Boxer” Skeleton Boss health now 1450 (was 1825)
* Gameplay: Heroes’ lane backstab damage increase
* Gameplay: Changes and fixes to Summon Boar spell
* User interface: Helpful popup screen at the start of the game to explain Stamina


Earlier today, we heard that a new update had gone out for Cube Life: Island Survival. The game was updated by Cypronia to version 1.3.

We now have some details as to what the patch entails. New features have been added while some bugs have been addressed.

The following information about the update is in:

– Skin Editor
– Internet Rankings – Friends list
– 500 items are now available! New items like bed
– Japanese decorations
– Upgraded AI of enemies
– Autojump on terrain, from water, on boats
– Autoswim + dive button
– improved game stability
– smoother Look sensitivity
– improved collision with boats

Bugs fixed:
– levitation on the boats
– fixed AI for fish (out of water bug)
– fixed bucket bug
– enemies can see you through glass/window
– unbreakable blocks removed
– TNT explosion does not remove drops

And some footage:

Cube Life: Island Survival has a new update available, as we’re hearing reports that version 1.3 can now be downloaded. Specifics about the patch aren’t yet known, however. Previous updates have added in new features / elements, so that’s likely the case here as well. We’ll let you know when we have actual details.


A new update is now available for Super Mario Run. On both iOS and Android, users can download version 2.0.1. Nintendo says that the patch implements bug fixes.

LEGO City Undercover is out today. Alongside the release, Warner Bros. and TT Games have prepared a patch for the game. Players can now download version 1.0.1.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear what the update entails. It’s hefty though, requiring 479MB of space. We’ll let you know if we hear anything further about the update.

The Switch Parental Controls app has received an update, but only on Android. Version 1.0.3 is out now. It’s a fairly insignificant patch, as it only includes bug fixes rather than adding new features.

Update: Nintendo’s single note about the update: “Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.” We’ll probably need for an outlet such as Digital Foundry to conduct tests to see if the frame rate has truly been improved, and how much.

Original: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild players now have access to a new patch. Previously, the game was at version 1.1.0. After applying the update, it will be at 1.1.1.

Nintendo has yet to provide any update notes for today’s download. Given the small change in versions, it’s likely nothing too substantial, though some say that the frame rate has been improved. We’ll let you know when we have official details about the patch.

Thanks to Pokeboy990 and Brian for the tip.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and Specter of Torment have received a new update. Version 3.0A is out now on Switch.

A number of fixes have been implemented, but the real highlight is a change to resolution. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove / Specter of Torment now run at 1080p while docked.

Head past the break for the full patch notes.

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