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A new Super Mario Run update has gone live on iOS. As far as we’re aware, it is not available on Android.

One part of the update makes adjustments so that Super Mario Run properly fits the iPhone X screen. Nintendo also fixed these two issues:

– An issue where players could not perfectly clear a course has been resolved.
– An issue where some items did not appear in the Notebook has been resolved.

If you have Super Mario Run on iOS, version 3.0.6 can be downloaded now.

Thanks to Cameron for the tip.

The Mummy Demastered has its first update from WayForward. Version 1.0.1 went live earlier today. Along with improvements in overall performance, the studio has implemented bug fixes as well.


Another major patch is coming soon to NBA 2K18. 2K and Visual Concepts are implementing a bunch of changes and improvements to various aspects of the game.

We have the full patch notes below. When the update is live, we’ll let you know.

Niantic is rolling out another update for Pokemon GO. Very soon, players on iOS will be able to download version 1.51.1. It’s version 0.81.1 for Android users.

The new Pokemon GO update addresses the following:

– Resolved a bug that prevented Trainers from powering up Pokémon to their max CP.
– Resolved a bug that caused Trainers’ contributions to reset when rejoining a Raid Battle.
– Various bug fixes and performance updates.


When Sonic Forces arrives next week, SEGA will have a day-one update ready. The company confirmed the patch on Sonic’s official Twitter account.

The tweet is as follows:

SEGA hasn’t gone into the specifics of the update just yet. If/when we receive patch notes, we’ll be sure to bring them to you.


Flyhigh Works announced today that the 1.3 update for Voez is launching on November 9. The rhythm game will offer players another 14 songs, with the total amount reaching 160.

Two songs have been confirmed for the new update thus far. “25 Color Twilight” (Hard) from City Connection and “Promise from Another World” (Special) from Raito will be included. The latter song has been featured in The Legend of Dark Witch.

A bit of footage of the new update from the Flyhigh Express broadcast can be found below.

Update: Here are the official patch notes:

In Splatfest Battle (team) , when the player with the highest Splatfest Power on a team has a power exceeding 2200, all players on the team will be treated as having that higher Splatfest Power value for matchmaking purposes.

Original: Another new update has gone live for Splatoon 2. Nintendo has just released version 1.4.2.

We don’t anticipate this being a big update due to the small change in versions. The next notable update should be sometime in November. When we have the patch notes for today’s patch, we’ll add them here.


NBA Playgrounds players on Switch have long waited for the free updates and content that have been put out on other platforms. Today, Saber Interactive finally had some positive news to share. The studio announced that a new version of NBA Playgrounds for Switch will be going into certification within a week.

Here’s the news straight from Saber Interactive:

A new version of NBA Playgrounds on the Switch is heading to certification within a week – the team has been working hard on this radical solution to include all the free updates the other platforms received, so that all Switch players can receive those free updates.

We’re sorry it took this long, we haven’t forgotten about you, but making additions to the game was more complicated than we thought. We aren’t giving up, and will share more news on this including details as soon as we have it!


XSEED Games has finally announced a release date for the Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns DLC. The company has also unveiled a new theme for 3DS.

The Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns DLC arrives on November 9 in North America for $7.99. We’ll also be seeing a new theme for the game on the same day for $1.99.

Lichtspeer: Double Speer Edition isn’t the only Switch game from Crunching Koalas with an update. A new patch is out for Butcher, too. The game has been upgraded to version 1.0.1.

The new Butcher update is primarily intended to fix crashes. Crunching Koalas also eliminated three white pixels that were appearing in the left-lower corner.


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