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assassin's creed 3 wii u gamepad

“The Wii U was kind of the pioneer of the connected tablet interface. This gave us some ideas for the first iteration of tablets connected with console games. It’s not confirmed yet, but if it’s possible to do it and it makes sense, yes we will provide some kind of experience on the Wii U. Our focus is on the new generation of Microsoft and Sony consoles.”

– Ubisoft managing director Nicolas Rioux

The irony of the situation notwithstanding, it would be pretty unfortunate to see Ubisoft’s next gen games skip the Wii U, but perhaps even more troubling (politically) to see the games hit the platform but skip out on the tablet-integration interface. Given that the Wii U is the only console that actually ships with such a device installed, common sense would dictate that it’d be easiest to develop such extra features for. Unfortunately, the case is such that making an iPad app means you’ve covered the PS4 and XBO in one swipe, whereas developing something separate for the Wii U Gamepad requires additional resources.

Such has been the situation with Nintendo consoles for a while now– their unique architecture is designed the help Nintendo stay in the game, but it’s a bit of a turn off for third parties.

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THIS IS NOT SEASON 2. I’ve had this footage on my hard drive for a while. Finally decided to throw it all together and let you guys see it. It’s like those deleted scenes you see on DVDs.

Artwork courtesy of Andrew Nixon. :]

skylanders swap force

“Beenox has been able to use the Alchemy Engine that powers all the versions of Swap Force. They have take over all the gameplay, toy compatibility and levels and systems and make that all available on the Wii. Of course, the Wii is a 480p system so it’s not a High Definition system so to speak, and so graphics wise it will have that type of outlook, gameplay wise it will be very, very close to everything else.”

– Vicarious Visions CEO Guha Bala

It’s weird to hear people still talking about the Wii, even though the Wii U has only been out for about half a year. For some reason it feels so much older once you’ve jumped to the Wii U!

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Despite the fact that Capcom canned the project, some hardcore fans of the now-unreleased Mega Man Legends 3 have decided to go ahead and make their own version of the game in 8bit, classic Mega Man style. That’s not all though: They’re also getting help from two former Capcom employees that worked on the Legends series, Hideki Ishikawa and Makoto Tomozawa. Ishikawa was the character designer for the series and Tomozawa composed the music. Both will be helping out by contributing box art and music to the game.

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red steel 2

“Games are loops, and if you want to leave yours closed, you will be in good company. No one has ever ‘finished’ poker, or football. There are a ton of games that don’t even have endings. Most arcade-style games and most MMOs don’t have real endings. The Sims doesn’t have an ending. Poker? Chess? Football? In fact, a broad majority of the world’s long-standing favorite games are specifically designed to never be finished. One game of Sudoku leads to another, which leads to another.”

“The ability for players to stop playing whenever they feel like it is inherent in the form. This is not a bad thing; this is a good thing. It is part of the game-design landscape. And if you learn to worry less about insisting that everyone who starts finishes, and put your attention on the advantages this fact of gaming gives you, you will not find a more personally liberating moment in game design than in designing your end.”

“Putting down the controller somewhere before the final climactic scene in a video game is not a sin. It is an intrinsic part of our art form. I never finished the first BioShock, yet it remains a game I thoroughly enjoyed. Grim Fandango? Never finished it. But I sure as hell use it as an example in design discussions! I have never finished a single Z, but, man, they are fun (usually).”

– Ubisoft creative director Jason VandenBerghe

I’m not sure I entirely agree with VandenBerghe. Like it or not, a game is a piece of art just as any other media experience is, and as a piece of art if you want to judge it you should first experience everything the game pushes you to experience. Single player campaigns are part of this, but so are things like multiplayer modes or side-content, and judging it without fully experiencing (to the degree the game wants you to) those things isn’t necessarily fair.

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– Bug-battling game
– Based on a manga series by Hiroshi Fukuda
– At least five playable characters
– Characters include Jinbei, Hibachi, Shungiku, Tenma, and Mugai
– Comes out September 19th (Japan)

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“I don’t see a device that’s failing to meet its potential– I see a tool whose potential is being mislabeled.”

Author: Austin

Coming out of the vacuum that was the E3 show-floor, the last thing I expected to hear out of the gaming press was that Nintendo needed to “justify the existence of the Gamepad”. But alas, that is indeed what I heard! Writers weren’t terribly coy with their impression that we’ve yet to see a truly exceptional experience on the Wii U that couldn’t even remotely be done anywhere else, and they– by their count– certainly didn’t see anything like that at E3 this year.

Neglecting experiences like ZombiU or Nintendo Land (which is an understandable and deliberate oversight), they might be right: We haven’t yet seen a game that both uses the Gamepad in a truly creative way and manages to pass the level of critical acclaim that many people are looking for. But here’s my question “why is that what the Gamepad needs?”

F… Falco?

If you like hearing people talk about Star Fox, this is the episode for you! The last 20 minutes of it, anyway. The rest of the episode has your regular news, the things we played, some good discussion of New Super Mario Bros U. and New Super Luigi U, as well as Jack’s impressions on his brand new PS3. Enjoy!

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Apparently Pokémon is big enough a brand to warrant having its own exposition/convention in Japan this year, as the Pokémon Company has set up a large-scale event called “Pokémon Game Show” to showcase games like Pokémon Tretta, the trading card game, and Pokémon X/Y, the latter of which will be playable for attendees.

The show will take place in Tokyo at ‘Tokyo Big Sight’ on August 17th and 18th this year. More info to come.

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For such a rough game, it did have its moments. If you can ignore the voice acting.

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