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Though I’m sure they don’t mind in the slightest, game developer/publisher Level-5 was recently forced to publish a special wallpaper with characters from many of their most popular franchises… as well as the airplane and the “porter” from AeroPorter! The 3DS download title apparently held a spot in the popularity poll that they put up to determine which characters would be drawn into the wallpaper, and so many people put down their vote for the non-living, metallic flight-body that Level-5 had to include it! The airplane managed to snag 46,263 votes, ahead of the second-place Inazuma character who pulled in 38,339, and the porter himself (a character with no face or personality, mind you) got ninth, with 17,889.

Take a look at the wallpaper above, or click here to download a full-sized version.

Via Kotaku

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We’ve yet another indie game headed to Wii U with the help of fundraising stretch goals, this time the Castlevania-inspired Odallus: The Dark Call. Take a look at the screenshot above (or the details below!) for a better idea of what this game is like, and click here to support the game’s $55,000 Wii U stretch goal.

According to the IndieGogo page, the game will feature non-linear levels, five different areas, hordes of demons, and huge bosses. It’s estimated to launch in mid-2014.

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There’s pretty much nothing in that video except “Eggbsuters is returning on July 13th”, so you need not watch it. I just figured I’d toss it in with this post to flesh it out.

Six days!

cho aniki cho-aniki

Cho-Aniki. Yup.

Episode 48 sees the gang discussing all of their gaming for the week, including some talk about the art of game design relating to Fallout 3, the phallic eroticism of Cho-Aniki, and the grating sounds of Luke’s voice from Professor Layton. Listener questions and news make their return, and our wrapping-up discussion is about genres that we thought were under-represented last generation.

This Week’s Podcast Crew: THE CREW (austin jack and laura)

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I know what my answer would be…

This is a survey that requires no signing up, accounts, clicking through ads, or anything. Just answer a required question, answer a non-required question (if you want) and make your voice heard in yet another NintendoEverything reader survey poll thing! Results will be read in the form of our top ten list on the next podcast, and if you opted to answer the written question your answer could be read on the show! So don’t say anything ridiculous.

Thanks very much. As stated above the topic for you guys this week is “Were any game genres underserved last generation?”.

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The Earthworm Jim Facebook page is managed primarily by Doug TenNapel (creator), with some extra comments by MIke Dietz and Ed Schofield, all of whom worked on the series in some official capacity. Whether this means anything is hard to say… he could have just been thinking about the 3D entry in the series and pondering how fans don’t really think too highly of it!


This data comes from a survey done by gaming social network “Pixwoo”. 2000 people who identified themselves as “gamers” were questioned, and they’re all from the UK:

– Average gamer in the UK is married
– They play, on average, for about 2.5 hours a day, five days a week
– Average age is 35
– They stay up until (on average) 10:58PM playing games
– The data stays relatively consistent from male the female gamers

– Average gamer owns two consoles, 18 games
– Takes around a month to complete each game
– Most of them argue more than twice a week with their partner about gaming (not sure if this means about games themselves or gaming habits)
– About 5% say gaming is a “constant cause” of arguments
– 15% have broken up with someone due to their love of gaming

– Average gamer has about 5 online friends
– 29% say they’ve met at least one of their online friends face-to-face
– 33% play multiplayer games locally
– 25% play online
– 20% play with their online friends consistently
– 44% will purchase an Xbox One, PS4, or gaming PC in the next 12 months
– Most popular console was Wii, followed by PS3, then Xbox 360


Take a break. Listen to some of the SNES’ best tunes, courtesy of the Super FX chip.

“Nintendo liked the idea of souping up their hardware – there was even talk of putting it inside the USA version of the SNES, which hadn’t been released at that point – but in the end it had to go into the cartridge to keep the initial cost of the console low. It’d have been awesome if it was as standard on every SNES, so it’s a shame that didn’t happen.”

– Super FX developer Jez San

The Super FX chip allowed for games like Star Fox and Yoshi’s Island to be conceived and executed, and having it installed inside cartridges– while it may have been more expensive for developers– certainly kept the SNES cost down far enough where Nintendo could manage to sell as many units as they did and further fund the development of such interesting gaming experiences! It definitely would have been cool to see what the SNES would have looked like if every game was able to use the chip though…

Via Nintendo Life

atlus trauma center under the knife

“From hereafter also, the development and sales of the Atlus brand as well as the consumer business will continue. Other retail and download titles that are currently on sale will continue to be sold as they are currently.”

– Official Statement from Atlus

As a big fan of Atlus’ work myself, this is great news. What will happen to the parent company (and where Atlus may end up after their rough patch) is still up in the air, but with any luck things will maintain their current scheduling at the developer themselves.

Via Kotaku

sonic lost world

“With Lost World we wanted to evolve how Sonic works in 3D. When you think about a 3D level, it’s still limited – the sides are limited – so we talked about making levels as cubes or tubes. Expanding the sides around 360 degrees enables players to take many paths, not just two or three. We ended up with a tube stage and realised we were a bit close to Mario Galaxy!”

– Sonic series General Producer Takashi Iizuka

I must be the only one that didn’t instantly think of Super Mario Galaxy when I saw the trailer for Lost World… The connection is clear to me, but I didn’t think it was so obvious that it seemed as though the team blatantly ripped off the style. And it sure plays a heck of a lot differently.

ONM via NeoGaf.

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