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There’s some new screenshots and details for the next 3DS installment of Attack on Titan. Firstly here is some details about the upcoming game as detailed by Gematsu.

We now have a trailer showing off the Switch version of One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 in all its glory. You can check out the Japanese trailer below to give it a look. However, if you ever plan on watching One Piece I’d say don’t watch this as it has heavy spoilers for that show.

The short haired ladies vs long haired gents voting gauntlet is now live for players to try out. The combatants are Takumi, Karel, Soren, Ryoma, Amelia, Katarina, Shanna and Hinoka. This gauntlet will last until November 11th.

Once again we get a look at another rare blade through the official Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Twitter, this time we see the blade Mei. Art by Yasuomi Umetsu and voice by Sayaka Senbongi. You can check out the video and the design down below in the following tweets.

The bond hero battle returns to the special maps for a week starting today and lasting until November 9th. This battle has the return of Celcia and Alm, it also includes some special quests for players to try and complete. You will have your choice from hard to infernal difficulties.

Another Xenoblade Chronicles 2 rare blade is shown off in a couple of tweets, this time we have the blade Zakuro. The blade is voiced by Chinatsu Akasakiwith the official art by Shunya Yamashita. You can check the tweets down below.

Anoterh Xenoblade Chronicles 2 rare blade is being shown off today this time we have the rare blade Yuuou being shown off through Twitter. The character is voiced by Tomoaki Maeno and the design is by Soraya Saga. You can see the design and video clip down below.

We have another Pokemon Shuffle update to share with you today, this time Xurkitree is the Ultra Challenge and requires 20,000 coins to play and can only be played 10 times, this lasts until November 7th. Palossand also has a stage that will last until November 14th. Litten and Drifblim will also start their repeat runs.


The newest Fire Emblem Heroes banner is up and it is centered around the theme of Halloween. You’ll have your choices of variants of Nowi, Henry, Jakob and Sakura. The banner lasts until November 28th, so you’ll have quite a bit of time to try and get these characters.

A few tweets from the official Xenoblade Chronicles Japanese Twitter have shown of the newest rare blade of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. You can see her art and her trailer in the tweets below.