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This information comes from Valkyria Chronicles producer Kei Mikami…

– Valkyria Chronicles 4’s new class, the Grenadier, was inspired by a bug they found during the development of the first game
– Toward the end of development, a bug would pop up that caused your squad’s tanks to shoot grenades instead of shells
– They were able to fix the bug, but the team actually enjoyed this long range grenade style of play
– They even wanted to add it as a new class in the first Valkyria Chronicles
– It was too late in development to make that large of a change and the idea had to be scrapped
– They tried to bring it back for the second Valkyria Chronicles, but couldn’t make it work there either
– Now that Valkyria Chronicles 4 is returning to the large maps of the original, the grenadier fit in much better
– They also wanted to add a more cinematic sort of attack to this game, comparing the falling grenades to WW2 movies where soldiers are running with explosions all around them
– The grenadier is a risky unit to use
– It can shoot grenades very far but is extremely slow
– It also needs to set up before attacking, which leaves them vulnerable to enemy fire
– This makes it a much different unity than most others, so it’s interesting to hear how long the idea has been around for


Here’s a neat little tidbit about Sheik in Smash Bros. Ultimate. As it turns out, the design takes some inspiration from Zelda: Breath of the Wild. As shown in the image above, it centers around the Stealth Armor Set from that game.



Immortal Redneck developer Crema recently took its new project Temtem to Kickstarter. The Pokémon-inspired game quickly saw success, and surpassed its $70,000 target. A $250,000 Switch stretch goal was just reached today as well.

Over two weeks left still remain in Temtem’s Kickstarter campaign. You can contribute to the project here. We also have details and a trailer below.

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