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– Puzzle game
– Move vegetable panels on touch screen
– Trying to get Koro-pok-guru to collect the vegetables for points and more time
– Vegetable panels grow over time
– Creatures are only able to move between adjacent ripe panels
– Golden vegetables can be cleared regardless of the ripeness
– 12 characters from Bokujou Monogatari Kimi to Sodatsu Shima are in the game
– More points for collecting vegetables that the characters like
– Wireless/download play
– No release date
– 3,990 yen


World Premieres and Internationally Developed Titles Take Centre Stage

London (28th July 2009) – Square Enix Europe, the business unit integrating sales and marketing forces of Square Enix Ltd. (Square Enix) and Eidos Interactive (Eidos), announced today its exciting line-up of combined titles which will be on show at GamesCom 2009, Cologne, August 19th – 23rd.

GamesCom 2009 will mark the first time Square Enix and Eidos titles will be showcased together; highlighting the growing diversity of the expanding global entertainment company. This year’s stand features games developed from around the world offering highly-anticipated experiences across genres and platforms.

By the time winter passes by, the Wii will have seen the release of two Resident Evil games: Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles. However, Capcom chose to develop both games on-rails instead of as third-person shooters. Given the success of Resident Evil 4, you might be wondering why the developers decided to stick with the lightgun elements in The Darkside Chronicles rather than something similar to the style of RE4. Masachika Kawata, chief producer of Darkside Chronicles, addressed this question in a Q & A session with Capcom-Europe.

“Yes, naturally Resident Evil 4 on Wii was a huge success. Having said that, Umbrella Chronicles didn’t do badly either. However, we regretted the fact that all the scenarios, storyline were not included in that particular title, so therefore that was our regret and we wanted to work on a new title in the same style and we worked on Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica.”


– Not much game news
– Was a lot of Avatar
– Not much was Wii-related
– Capcom brought Spyborgs and Resident Evil
– Thought the LucasArts game might have been the MotionPlus Star Wars game but it wasn’t…Maybe next year – Bozon thinks it’s coming eventually

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La-Mulana screenshots

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Nigoro, a division of Asterizm Co., today announced an all-new remade LA-MULANA, co-developed and published by Nicalis, Inc., to appear on WiiWare in late 2009. The original Windows version was inspired by the action-adventure games of the 1980s a visual style indicative of that era. In contrast, the all-new remake of LA-MULANA features stunning new graphics and gameplay.

Sealed since long ago the ruins of LA-MULANA are yours to explore. Assume the role of famed archeologist, Dr. Lemeza Kosugi and uncover the remains of an ancient civilization, the origin of man and all life as we know it. Developed in conjunction with Nicalis, Inc. the re-imagined LA-MULANA features a robust all-new game engine built specifically for LA-MULANA with vibrant hand-drawn artwork, original audio and special effects not seen in the original—which used a limited 16-color palette.


Wii Sports Resort TV Spot
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Metroid Prime Trilogy – Teaser
Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1 Info Video
Daisy Fuentes Pilates – The 100 Exercise
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs – Josh Peck
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Demos (Expire 5/2)

Fossil Fighters Cleaning Demo
Mega Man Star Force 3 CrimsonMeteor Battle Card
Knights in the Nightmare Tutorial Demo
Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Classic Word Games
Personal Trainer: Cooking Mac & Cheese Demo

Spyborgs details

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– First level comprised of mini stages
– Swap characters in between stages
– Bouncer -> slow, brute
– Stinger -> average
– Clandestine -> swift ninja
– First boss throws cars, shoots bullets, punches
– Point at screen to make semi-visible crates appear so that you can regain health
– Motion controls for team attacks
– 2 player game, with or without a friend (computer takes over if there is only one player)


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