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Smile Fest 2022 is currently taking place in Tokyo, and it’s brought along some major news about future figures – including a couple for Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s Mio.

The event has provided arguably the most amount of reveals and updates we’ve seen at one of these expos. In the case of Mio, she’s getting not one, but two different figures. Other announcements include a King Dedede Nendoroid, our first look at the upcoming Metroid Dread figure for Samus, and more.

A new Nintendo Monthly Rewind video has gone up for July 2022. It goes over the launch of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Live A Live, announcement of Kirby’s Dream Buffet, Bayonetta 3 release date, and more.

Here’s the full video:

Shovel Knight Nendoroid pre-order

The previously-announced Shovel Knight Nendoroid now has a release window plus new photos, and pre-orders have opened.

The figure comes complete with a selection of optional parts including his well-known shovel, a powerful attack effect for combat scenes, and a treasure chest that can be opened and closed. Its height is roughly 100mm and POLY-TOYS is handling the sculpting. Since the figure doesn’t balance on its own, you’re advised to use the included stand.

Steve and Alex Minecraft amiibo Smash Bros. Ultimate release date

Original (7/28): Nintendo has set a new release date for the Steve and Minecraft amiibo as part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate line. Both figures are slated for September 9, the company announced today.

The Steve and Alex amiibo were originally planned for this past spring. However, Nintendo pushed back their release to later in 2022 in February. A reason for the delay was not provided at the time.


A new report from financial newspaper Nikkei seems to indicate that Nintendo will not release any new hardware in this fiscal year.

This information was relayed by Takashi Mochizuki. He clarifies that based on the wording of the article, it’s unclear whether this announcement is an official confirmation from Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa, who was being interviewed, or if this information is coming from Nikkei’s own reporting.

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Pokemon Presents August 2022

A new Pokemon Presents presentation will air on August 3, 2022, it’s been announced. The presentation will cover updates on Pokemon apps and games, including Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. It should last about twenty minutes.

The August 2022 Pokemon Presents will air at the following times:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 boxart covers My Nintendo

My Nintendo has updated with a new reward for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, and the site now has alternate covers available for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Keep in mind that the designs are something you print on your own, so they aren’t physical rewards.

In the first design, it looks like Mio takes the spotlight. For the second one, we see one of the Ouroboros players can use in the game. The final one has the full main cast – Noah, Mio, Eurine, Taion, Lanz, and Sena.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 future

We already heard from Monolith Soft’s Tetsuya Takahashi that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the “culmination” of the series and “summary for moving on to the next step”. However, on Nintendo’s side, producer and director Genki Yokota has stated that he wants to keep the series “going as long as possible”.

That comment came about in the final section of Nintendo’s official interview regarding Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Speaking about the future, Takahashi and Yokota said:

First 4 Figures Banjo-Kazooie Gruntilda statue

First 4 Figures has revealed a new addition to its Banjo-Kazooie line. Gruntilda, the primary antagonist of the N64 platforming series, is receiving a new statue.

Each unit includes the Gruntilda painted resin statue, detailed base inspired by Gruntilda’s Lair, limited edition numbering, and authentication card. If you opt for the exclusive edition, it’ll come with LED functions for torch and green bubble details.

PAX West 2022 Nintendo

PAX West 2022 is returning to close out the summer, and some of the companies attending the show have now been named – and Nintendo is included.

ReedPop says “Nintendo, SEGA, Bandai Namco, MiHoYo, tinyBuild, Devolver Digital, Yacht Club Games, and more are some of the biggest publishers in gaming excited to showcase their latest and greatest” at the event. We’ll also be seeing developers like Larian Studios, Tripwire Interactive, Thunderful Games, and more on the expo floor ready with “both beloved and unannounced titles.” Other confirmed companies include Intel, AMD, ASUS, and AORUS GIGABYTE, AAA, Finji, Apogee Entertainment, Koch Media, Brace Yourselves Games, Raw Fury, Studio Wildcard, Ysbryd Games, and PM Studios.

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