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An internal email from Xbox’s chief Phil Spencer has revealed that the company was considering Nintendo as a potential acquisition in efforts to pursue gaming as their path to consumer relevance.

Xenoblade composer fresh start

Kenji Hiramatsu, one of the main composers of the Xenoblade Chronicles series, has shared a special message and says that “it’s time for a fresh start”.

Hiramatsu has worked on the franchise since the very beginning. Some of the tracks he’s been involved with include Engage the Enemy, You Will Know Our Names, Counterattack, You Will Recall Our Names, and You Will Know Our Names – Finale. 

Sora amiibo

Sora for Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting an amiibo, Nintendo has announced. It’ll be available sometime in 2024.

With Sora, all Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters will have their own amiibo figures.

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My Nintendo members in North America can get their hands on the latest physical reward, with the site adding a Super Mario shopping bag.

One side includes a selection of Super Mario characters and the classic Super Mario series logo on the other. Aside from the bag itself where you can obviously carry things, there’s another little wrinkle to it. Nintendo mentions that it can be folded into a Question Mark Box pocket that makes it compact and easy to carry. 

ReedPop and ESA previously teamed up in hopes of bringing back E3 for a 2023 event, but as we know, the whole thing was eventually scrapped. Now the two sides are parting ways without ever putting on a show together. Apparently it was a “mutual decision”.

ESA president and CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis said in a statement: “We appreciate ReedPop’s partnership over the past 14 months and support their ongoing efforts to bring industry and fans together through their various events. While the reach of E3 remains unmatched in our industry, we are continuing to explore how we can evolve it to best serve the video game industry and are evaluating every aspect of the event, from format to location. We are committed to our role as a convenor for the industry and look forward to sharing news about E3 in the coming months.”

Charles Martinet Shigeru Miyamoto Mario

Nintendo has dropped a video that it previously teased in which Shigeru Miyamoto and Charles Martinet talk about the change of Mario’s voice actor. It was posted on social media a short while ago.

Martinet, who voiced Mario and other characters from Nintendo for decades, is now a Mario Ambassador. Miyamoto said that “in this role Charles will continue to travel around the world and meet fans, performing the familiar voices at events, signing autographs, and enjoying interacting with you all.”

PAX West 2023 was made a little more special this year thanks to the presence of Nintendo Live, a massive fan-focused convention celebrating iconic Nintendo games, franchises and hardware. While a similar event has taken place in Japan in recent years, this marked the first time the event has been held in North America. And while tickets were free to the public, they awarded at random to interested PAX West attendees (and people who entered a lottery system via Nintendo’s website), so not everyone who was interested in going was given the opportunity to attend. Fortunately, I was able to check out the event on behalf of Nintendo Everything, and there was a lot to see and do for those willing to wait out the massive crowds.

Charles Martinet not retiring

Charles Martinet, known for previously being the voice of Mario, has now commented directly on his new ambassador role with Nintendo – and also confirmed he hasn’t retired.

As it so happens, Martinet shared a few words about this during Galaxycon Austin 2023. Regarding the Mario Ambassador position, he said he “doesn’t know what that is yet”. He also confirmed that he’s not retiring from voice acting as a whole.

Charles Martinet Doug Bowser

IGN recently caught up with Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser and asked about the recent decision to make Charles Martinet a Mario Ambassador. 

Recently, it was announced that Martinet won’t be voicing characters for Nintendo’s games going forward. He previously held the role for Mario and others for a few decades. But now as Mario Ambassador, Martinet will ” continue to travel the world sharing the joy of Mario and interacting” with fans.

Bowser had this to say when asked about the decision to make Martinet Mario Ambassdor:

One of the high-profile events at this year’s PAX West was the presence of former Nintendo of America president and chief operating officer Reggie Fils-Aime, who presented a keynote address to a room full of fans. As this year marked my first time attending PAX, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to hear him speak in-person – after all, you never know when that next bit of interesting Nintendo history might be revealed, right?

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