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Pokemon GO recently introduced Buddy Pokemon as one of its new features. Players can choose their favorite creature in their collection and have it become their buddy. By doing so, you can obtain candy after walking a set distance.

All Pokemon actually requires a different distance before you’re given candy. Thankfully, GameSpot now has a handy chart showing how much is needed for each one. Head past the break to view it.

Pokemon GO Plus is quickly becoming a hot commodity. And in Japan, consumers may soon find it nearly impossible to get their hands on the accessory. Nintendo just put out a notice stating that Pokemon GO Plus’ next shipment in the country isn’t expected until early November.

It’s unclear what the situation is outside of Japan. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that additional Pokemon GO Plus shipments won’t be available in the west until later in the year as well.


Have you been trying to use Pokemon GO Plus as an Android user? Well, you’re not the only one. There are a ton of reports surfacing about connectivity issues. Pokemon GO Plus stays paired with Android-based phones for a few minutes… and then randomly disconnects.

We do know that another update for Pokemon GO is on the way which Niantic says fixes some issues with Pokemon GO Plus. We’ll have to hope that the patch addresses connectivity issues on Android.


It’s only been a few days since the last Pokemon GO update, but another patch is being issued very soon. Niantic has sent word that players should be on the lookout for version 1.7.1 (iOS) / 0.37.1 (Android).

Given the slight change in version numbers, this is unsurprisingly not a major update. It’s merely intended to fix some small issues with Pokemon GO Plus.


Yesterday, some misinformation about Pokemon GO Plus was clarified. Nintendo said previously that it wouldn’t keep track of distance traveled, but we know that the function is actually built in.

Now we have news about another feature which wasn’t originally expected to be included. You can catch new Pokemon, which we didn’t think would be possible before. Pokemon GO Plus will flash yellow to show that you’ve come across a new monster.

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Miitomo has been updated with more content. In addition to new items in the daily selections in Miitomo Shop which are unique to each user, the content below is now available to all:

– Bowler hat
– Pin stripe jacket
– Cardigan + white shirt
– Pin stripe pants
– Denim maxi skirt
– Oxford shoes
– Striped + cuffed high-tops
– Djungarian hamster buddies

If that wasn’t enough, Nintendo is hosting a new Miifoto challenge. Find the details on the official Miitomo site here.


Nintendo has updated Miitomo with a ton of Kirby collaboration content, which was announced earlier in the month. It includes free items, Miitomo Drop stages (with more items), My Nintendo rewards, and more. You can find the full breakdown in our original post here.


MyGamingBoulevard posted a video today that gives us a better look at Pokemon GO Plus. The accessory is unboxed, and paired with a phone, and put to the test. View the video below.

Pokemon GO Plus officially arrives on Friday. Like most products though, some folks have managed to get their hands on it early.

In the past, Nintendo has said that Pokemon GO doesn’t track distance walked when the app is running in the background. However, it turns out that this isn’t true. Reddit user c-a-m-i says that his egg and buddy distance increased by 1.1km with the phone locked during a test session.

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We’ve often talked about how Pokemon GO has positively affected the sales of the core Pokemon games. The Wall Street Journal now provides a closer look by examining the situation in Japan.

The image above shows how Pokemon GO has boosted sales of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Red/Green/Blue/Yellow, and 3DS hardware as a whole since launch. It’s cooled off slightly as of late, but overall, it’s clear that GO made a notable impact.

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