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Boingz – 169
Sudoku Challenge! – 103


Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure – 31

People have recently began to complain, understandably, about a glitch that can be found in Tomb Raider: Underworld, which does not allow the player to actually complete the game. Eidos has taken action to solve the problem, but in all honestly, the solution is rather lazy. Unlike many cases, there seems to be no plans to offer consumers a new copy of the game.

Here are Eidos’ suggestions:

It was only a week ago that Nintendo released its latest Wii update, but the homebrew community has been hard at work to allow homebrew activity to continue. This shouldn’t be too surprising considering Nintendo’s past efforts to eliminate homebrew have failed.

WiiBrew has officially launched Twilight Hack 0.1beta2, which is compatible with the newest firmware update (3.4). In future updates, Nintendo will undoubtedly make an effort to block homebrew yet again, but as has been the case with previous instances, the homebrew community will manage to bypass the system again.


London (24th November 2008) – Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of Square Enix® interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, today announces that VALKYRIE PROFILE®: Covenant of the Plume™ will be released across PAL territories in Spring 2009, exclusively on the Nintendo DS™ handheld system.

VALKYRIE PROFILE: Covenant of the Plume is the next installment in this unique series of titles created by leading RPG developer tri-Ace. Brought for the first time to the Nintendo DS, VALKYRIE PROFILE: Covenant of the Plume follows the story of the young soldier Wylfred, who seeks retaliation against the valkyries since Lenneth took his father’s life. Now he waits for an opportunity to strike back just as the future of Midgard is about to be decided in battle once again.


Wii Music Tips 2: The Overdubbing Concept
Wii Music Tips 3: The Overdubbing and Be-Bops
Animal Crossing: Moving from DS to Wii
Lisa Kudrow cooks Kung Pao Chicken
Personal Trainer: Cooking – Girls cook Crab Cakes
Personal Trainer: Cooking – Demo is Available NOW
Call of Duty: World at War Wii Gameplay
Castlevania Judgment Info Video
Boingz Info Video
Sudoku Challenge! Info Video
Digest Video

Demos (Expire 11/30)

Personal Trainer: Cooking Mac & Cheese Demo
Soul Bubbles Demo
Walt Disney Pictures Bolt Demo
Prince of Persia: The Fallen King Demo

What will you get?

1. Nintendo DSi
2. Animal Forest: Dobutsu no mori (Wii, Nintendo)
3. White Knight Chronicles (PS3, Sony)
4. Wii
5. Chrono Trigger (NDS, Square Enix)
6. New Xbox Experience
7. Ad-Hoc Party for PSP
8. Dissidia Final Fantasy (PSP, Square Enix)
9. PSP-3000
10. PlayStation Home open beta (PS3, Sony)

Most wanted merchandise
1. PSP-3000
2. Dissidia Final Fantasy (PSP, Square Enix)
3. Animal Forest: Dobutsu no mori (Wii, Nintendo)
4. Nintendo DSi
5. Wii
6. White Knight Chronicles (PS3, Sony)
7. Xbox 360
8. The Last Remnant (360, Square Enix)
9. Xbox New Experience
10. PlayStation 3

Which system will sell the most this holiday? (Retailers)
PSP – 33.4%
Nintendo DS – 25.9%
PlayStation 3 – 18.5%
Wii – 14.8%
Xbox 360 – 7.4%

Which system will sell the most this holiday? (Consumers)
The reason PS3 on top is because of Sony’s White Knight Chronicles and Ad-Hoc Party for PSP; Xbox 360 on second because of the low retail price and The Last Remnant.

PlayStation 3 – 34.4%
Xbox 360 – 31.0%
Wii – 12.1%
PSP – 12.1%
Nintendo DS – 10.4%

Which game publisher is the most popular this holiday?
Nintendo – 35%
Square Enix – 33%
Level 5 – 18%
Sega – 13%
Sony – 11%

Do you plan to buy Nintendo DSi?
Yes – 258 (Reasons: Only have the first generation model; built-in camera; because it’s new)
No – 727 (Reasons: Satisfied with DS Lite; cannot play GBA games; no software wanted)

Which systems do you currently own?
Nintendo DS – 779
PlayStation 2 – 765
PSP – 685
Wii – 427
PlayStation 3 – 318
Xbox 360 – 244
Others – 99
Everything – 15

Which systems do you use most frequently and why?
Nintendo DS – 268
(Lots of practical software; use during travel; use in own room; can play anywhere)
PSP – 267
(Play Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G with friends; great graphic quality; one screen is easy with eyes; easy to carry)
PlayStation 2 – 143
(Have lot of games; still have a lot of games to finish; have no other console; play Super Robot Taisen Z)
PlayStation 3 – 96
(Play daily; system is turned on constantly; play PS2 games; play online games; love HD graphics)
Xbox 360 – 82
(Lot of online games; play Idol Master; play foreign games; unlock Achievements)
Wii – 43
(Use Internet channel; play Wii Fit; play WiiWare; play Virtual Console; play Wii Sports)

Which systems do you plan to buy and why?
PlayStation 3 – 309
(Planned to buy for a while; want the 80GB model; Final Fantasy XIII; play Koei games; have more attractive games)
PSP-3000 – 272
(Play Gundam vs Gundam; play MHP2G; easy to carry; play Idol Master SP; want the PSP-3000 display)
Xbox 360 – 199
(Play foreign games; friends recommended; price is cheaper; First Person Shooters; play Online games)
Nintendo DSi – 191
(Want to use camera; can play games and music; the old one is broken; Dragon Quest IX)
Wii – 190
(Wii Fit; Monster Hunter 3; Wii Music; Multiplayer games; play with family; the only one I haven’t bought)
PlayStation 2 – 17
(Want to play PS2 games; want to replace the old model; the original one was broken)


This week, it’s all about you. By adding three new single-player games to the Wii™ Shop Channel, we’re helping gamers turn their Wii time into “me time.” That said, don’t be surprised if you attract a crowd of onlookers with this remarkable lineup. From elastic critters and elaborate puzzles to a hero with highly questionable manners, these solo titles are suitable for sharing, but give your friends and family fair warning: They may have to wait a while for their turn once you’ve gotten a taste of the single-player fun.

Nintendo adds new and classic games to the Wii Shop Channel at 9 a.m. Pacific time every Monday. Wii owners with a high-speed Internet connection can redeem Wii Points™ to download the games. Wii Points can be purchased in the Wii Shop Channel or at retail outlets. This week’s new games are:

REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– A new software title for Nintendo DS™ turns the world’s best-selling portable video game system into an interactive cooking coach, complete with tasty recipes and video demos. Personal Trainer™: Cooking for Nintendo DS contains more than 240 dishes from dozens of countries around the world. The DS Chef, a friendly electronic cooking instructor, walks users through each step to make sure every dish comes out perfect and delicious.

Personal Trainer: Cooking even includes videos of various cooking techniques, such as how to properly julienne vegetables. The touch screen interface helps budding chefs check ingredients on an electronic shopping list they can take to the grocery store. It also lets them search recipes based on ingredients, number of calories or cooking time. When a user’s hands are too covered in the business of cooking to use the touch screen, the voice-recognition feature comes in handy: Just tell the DS Chef to move on to the next step or repeat the last one.

If you want people to know what gifts you want for the holidays, you need to speak up. And who better to help you speak up about your love for Nintendo DS™ games than iconic Nintendo video game character Mario™ himself?

Starting today, people can visit and check off the Nintendo DS items they hope to receive for the holidays. After users provide some other fun information, your friend, relative or special someone will receive a voice mail or e-mail with a personalized message from Mario about what Nintendo DS gifts you hope to receive.

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