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PSP 43,463
PS3 28,014
DSi 27,564
Wii 17,941
DS Lite 11,571

Xbox 360 8,378
PS2 4,844


SAN JOSE, California – March 18, 2009 – Gamenauts, Inc. is proud to announce the upcoming release of the enhanced version of its hit game, Cate West – The Vanishing Files™, on the Nintendo Wii™ based on a new partnership with Destineer and Magellan Interactive.

Released on the PC gaming portals in 2008, Cate West has become one of the big hits in the popular hidden objects genre, thanks to the its high production values, engaging storyline and gameplay innovations. Players assume the role of Cate, an author with pre-cognitive abilities, as she tries to solve a series of cases dubbed The Vanishing Files. She soon discovers a connection between these cases and the death of her father, and how it all ties to the biblical story of the Three Magi.

Kizuna screenshots

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Some new details regarding Punch-Out are now available.

– Can execute hooks, uppercuts, Star Punches with Wii Remote/nunchuck
– Attempt to become champ of Minor, Major, World ranking organizations
– Fight against Glass Joe, Don Flamenco, King Hippo
– Play against 13 fighters in all
– Jabs with the Nunchuck Control Stick when punching
– Star Punch with C or A buttons
– Learn opponents attack patterns
– Game has a tutorial mode to guide players through basics
– Multiplayer mode included
– Giga Mac gauge built up in Head-to-Head mode by landing and dodging blows
– Can unleash serious damage when Giga Mac gauge is full
– Career, Exhibition, Head-to-Head modes confirmed
– Can be played with the Wii Remote held sideways

Nintendo News

Nintendo’s Wii Play Surpasses 10 Million Units Sold in the United States

Wii Play™, a collection of nine mini-games, has now sold more than 10 million units in the United States alone since its debut in February 2007, according to figures released today by the independent NPD Group, which tracks video game sales in the United States. Wii Play, now the top-selling software on all consoles and portable systems in the United States, comes packaged with a Wii Remote™ controller.

“Wii Play mini-games are fun and they get people playing together,” said Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “Even if you believe people are buying Wii Play solely for the controller, that indicates that there are now more than 10 million people who have an extra Wii Remote controller in their homes. When added to the 12.7 million Wii Remote controllers that have sold separately, this reinforces the growing ‘social gaming’ trend we have been seeing where friends and family use their Wii games as a social hub – both in person and online.”


-Super Punch-Out!!


February 2009 NPD sales data

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PlayStation 2 131K
PlayStation 3 276K
PSP 199K
Xbox 360 391K
Wii 753K
Nintendo DS 588K


Wii Fit w/ Balance Board NINTENDO OF AMERICA WII 1 644K
Street Fighter IV CAPCOM USA 360 2 446K
Street Fighter IV CAPCOM USA PS3 3 403K
Wii Play w/ Remote NINTENDO OF AMERICA WII 4 386K
Killzone 2 SONY PS3 5 323K
Wii Mario Kart with wheel NINTENDO OF AMERICA WII 6 263K
Call of Duty: World at War* ACTIVISION BLIZZARD 360 7 193K
New Super Mario Bros NINTENDO OF AMERICA NDS 9 144K
Guitar HeroWorld Tour* ACTIVISION BLIZZARD WII 10 136K

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