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When the Wii U launched, there was a consistent focus on the console’s two screens. Gamers wondered about the new experiences that would be possible and potential asymmetric gameplay.

Even though it’s important to highlight the uniqueness of Wii U’s two screens, Shigeru Miyamoto admitted at Nintendo’s financial results briefing last week, “we might have focused too much on the unique uses of the two screens.” Miyamoto feels that the company “should have put more effort into using the NFC functionality much earlier”, though Nintendo is “now moving forward with projects that make use of NFC in a variety of unique ways.”

As previously mentioned, Nintendo is looking into amiibo cards. We’ll also be seeing “smaller and even more affordable amiibo figures in the future”.

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Nintendo was asked to comment on the capabilities of amiibo during the Q&A portion of its latest financial briefing.

President Satoru Iwata first addressed the topic and touched on how the Wii U’s NFC features have not been truly utilized until now. He also discussed the instantaneous speed of the read/write process for amiibo figures, and teased that Shigeru Miyamoto “has been considering multiple ways to use the GamePad, and using the NFC reader/writer function more aggressively is one area he has instructed his teams to focus on.” Nintendo could bring out some titles next year that focus on NFC functionality.

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