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“MyGamingBoulevard” posted a new video showing a close look at the Roy and Ryu amiibo, both of which are releasing very soon. You can get a look at both figures below.


Amazon is taking pre-orders for a couple of amiibo. You can reserve Digby here and Lottie here. Both release on March 18 for $12.99. If you have Prime, you’ll get a 10 percent discount.

Previously, Digby was only sold as part of the Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival bundle. Lottie has only been a Target exclusive for several months.

Nintendo updated the Japanese Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer with images of every Animal Crossing wave 4 amiibo cards. You can get a look at each one above.


In a couple of weeks, you’ll have another opportunity to snag the Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo at Toys “R” Us. The retailer has confirmed on Twitter that a restock is planned for March 20. Unfortunately, quantities will be very limited.

Toys “R” Us just posted the following on Twitter:


When the fourth wave of Animal Crossing amiibo cards drop in PAL regions, it’ll be accompanied by a new card album. This is due out in Europe and Australia on June 18. Take a look at the image above for a look at the album.


This information comes from Shigeru Miyamoto…

“We were working on a couple of ideas for the game for well over a year. There was one point where we had an Arwing Amiibo that would transform into the walker. But it was really tough to execute that in the normal Amiibo size and in a way that met with product-safety standards. We had to give up on it. For now, it’s only going to work with Fox and Falco from the Super Smash Bros. series. At some point, if we don’t have to do it at Amiibo size, it might be nice to have that Arwing that can transform into a walker.”


The Animal Crossing amiibo 3-pack is now at its lowest price point yet. After initially being sold for $35, it can be had for just $17 on Amazon. Place an order here to partake in the discount.

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The Nintendo UK store has now opened up pre-orders or the Animal Crossing amiibo cards series 3. Orders can be placed here. You can order a standalone pack, three packs, or new collectors album with a bonus pack.


GameStop has started taking pre-orders for the standalone Digby amiibo. Get yours here. The figure is slated for release on March 18.

The Wolf Link amiibo will have a unique function in Super Mario Maker. Like many other figures, it can be used in the game to unlock a special outfit. You can tap the Wolf Link to the GamePad to nab a Wolf Link costume.