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Balan Wonderworld

After joining the company and creating just a single game there, Yuji Naka is apparently no longer with Square Enix. Naka, who directed the title and is often attributed as the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, updated his LinkedIn and Facebook pages to show that he has moved on. It appears that Naka left Square Enix on April 30.

Naka told IGN last year that Balan Wonderworld was his “once change” to create a full-scale platformer.

Balan Wonderworld launched on Switch this past March. Unfortunately, the critical reception was negative.


The demo for Balan Wonderworld will soon become inaccessible. As announced officially by Square Enix, all platforms (including the Switch eShop) will have it removed today – specifically at 11:59 PM Japan time. The company did not provide an official explanation as to why it will no longer be offered. Those that already have it downloaded will presumably still be able to access the demo.

For giving the demo a go, Balan Wonderworld players were able to unlock a costume in the full game. Square Enix says that it will share information regarding how it can be obtained without the trial down the road.

Balan Wonderworld is out now on Switch. The demo originally released at the end of January.


System: Switch
Release date: March 26, 2021
Developer: Arzest / Balan Company
Publisher: Square Enix

When Square Enix revealed Balan Wonderworld to the world in 2020, I immediately felt that fans of 3D platformers would soon be experiencing something special. Not only did the game’s trailers exude a bold sense of style and charisma that felt genuinely endearing, but the game was also being helmed the creator of the Sonic the Hedgehog and Nights franchises. I was sold on the concept before I had even seen any gameplay – after all, with such an industry heavyweight leading the game’s development, what could possibly go wrong?

Some pretty concerning news started to spread yesterday regarding an actual health risk while playing Balan Wonderworld. When going up against the final boss, there’s a photo-sensitive epilepsy risk. Those that suffer from seizures or flashing effects in general could be putting themselves in harm’s way.

If there’s one bright spot to the situation, it’s that Square Enix has already addressed the issue, which is a result of an apparent bug. The company says that the game’s day one patch – which should be live – removes any potential health triggers.

The full statement is as follows:

Update: Square Enix has issued a statement, which says that the day-one patch takes care of the issue. Read the full statement here.

Original: Ahead of Balan Wonderworld’s release tomorrow, players should be aware that the final boss fight is physically dangerous. Unfortunately, due to the graphics and effects that appear on-screen, it may cause seizures. We’re also hearing that even those that aren’t photo-sensitive epileptics may find the fight troublesome to watch.

As mentioned by Game Informer, what’s shown “is not just using flashing effects,” but “it rapid-fires a series of white on background flashes.” We’ve included a video of the action below, but we’d advise watching it at this point.

Square Enix has released a new “A Hero or Two” trailer for the 3D platformer Balan Wonderworld. We’ve included it below.

Balan Wonderworld launches for Switch on March 26.

Balan Wonderworld received a demo at the end of January, but the reception was unfortunately mixed. As a bit of good news, it sounds like the feedback reached the development team.

Producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto announced today that Balan Wonderworld will be receiving a day one patch. The update will adjust movement controls and camera movement while also rebalancing the difficulty.

Fujimoto said:

Square Enix has released three new trailers for Balan Wonderworld today, including “Chapter 10 – The Artist with Painter’s Block”, “Chapter 11 – The Firefighter with Heroic Aspirations”, and “Chapter 12 – The Man Seen by No One”. Check out these latest trailers below.

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Square Enix has released a new Chapter highlight for Balan Wonderworld, this one focusing on Iben Bia: “suddenly losing her parents overwhelms her with the grief of losing loved ones, and she becomes afraid to love. Can she ever love again?
Check out the trailer below.

Balan Wonderworld is set to launch on Switch on March 26, 2021.