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A bunch of rewards are being added to Club Nintendo Japan over the next few months. The lineup is quite impressive, as items include the Mario Kart 8 soundtrack, lots of t-shirts, and more.

Those on Club Nintendo Japan will be able to nab the following rewards over the next few months:

3DS game card case – February 26
Fierce Deity puzzle – March 5
Various shirts (Zelda, Bloober, SNES, Game & Watch, more) – March 11
Wii Wheel (Mario) – March 11
Wii Wheel (Luigi) – March 11
Wii Wheel (Yoshi) – March 11
Wii Wheel (Peach) – March 11
Mario Paper Model – March 18
Nintendo Sound Selection Mario & Peach – March 18
Matching Card Game – March 18
Mario Kart 8 soundtrack – end of April
Nikki’s Travel Quiz – end of April
Dot Mario tissue cover – end of April
Pouches (Animal Crossing, Mario) – May

You can find photos of the different rewards in the gallery below.


Four new 3DS themes are out now for Japanese Club Nintendo members. There’s a Club Nintendo-specific theme, plus ones for Captain Toad, Mario Hanafuda, and Nintendo hardware. They certainly look nice!


The Super Smash Bros. soundtrack appears to be making its way out to Club Nintendo members.

As of today, Nintendo has started sending emails about an unnamed physical reward being shipped. Since the order number is in line with what’s listed on users’ Club Nintendo page, it appears that this is in fact the Smash Bros. soundtrack.

Fans were able to reserve the soundtrack by registering Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS on Nintendo’s rewards site. Another bonus – Mewtwo DLC – will be available this spring.

Thanks to Anthony for the tip.

Club Nintendo has made Flipnote Studio 3D available for members starting today.

Check your To Do List to download!


North American Club Nintendo members were supposed to receive codes for Flipnote Studio 3D sometime this week, but those plans have now been delayed. The rewards section of the website now states: “For Flipnote Studio 3D, please check your To-Do list to receive your download code later this month.” An exact date has not yet been provided.

Thanks to Ryan H for the tip.

It won’t be much longer before Flipnote Studio 3D is made available to North American Club Nintendo members. A message posted on the website states, “For Flipnote Studio 3D, please check your To-Do list to receive your download code later this week.”


Some lucky Club Nintendo members are already starting to see their copies of the Super Smash Bros. soundtrack arrive.

Inside the soundtrack there would appear to be a message from Masahiro Sakurai in which he explains that although the soundtrack was unavailable for sale due to licensing issues there are glad to be able to offer it as a special present.

As promised Club Nintendo has updated its reward catalog with many new physical items as well as digital ones.

Quantities are limited in many of the physical rewards so make your choices wisely.

What will you spend your last coins on?



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