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Following some details released earlier this month, Cygames has confirmed that Void Battles will go live in Dragalia Lost on February 22nd.

In addition, the first three boss enemies for the new mode have also been revealed. Information and art of each can be viewed below:

On top of the Ardent Admirers Summoning Showcase and Valentine’s Confections story event that are now live Dragalia Lost, a new Flame-Attuned Adventurer Upgrade Event is now available as well.

During this event, players will be able to complete the The Flamehowl Ruins event quest in order to farm materials needed to upgrade flame-attuned adventurers and earn double the reward for the daily bonus. In addition, this bonus is set to stack with the 7-Day Pack double bonus, amounting up to quadruple the rewards. The event is set to last until February 21st.

Following up on this, Cygames also provided more details on Void Battles that will be coming to the game by the end of the month. The details can be viewed below.

A new Summon Showcase is set to go live in Dragalia Lost starting tomorrow — titled “Ardent Admirers”.

Fittingly, this new set will include Valentine’s Day themed characters. It will be available until February 22nd. The featured summons include:

  • [5 ★] Hildegarde (Valentine’s version) [Character]
  • [5 ★] Prometheus [Dragon]
  • [5 ★] The Chocolatiers  [Wyrmprint]
  • [5 ★] The Rose Prince [Wyrmprint]
  • [4 ★] Ezelith (Valentine’s version) [Character]
  • [4 ★] Entwined Flames [Wyrmprint]
  • [3 ★] Orion (Valentine’s version) [Character]
  • [3 ★] To My Beloved [Wyrmprint]

A new update for Dragalia Lost is now available – at least on iOS (so far). Version 1.4.5 is the newest version.

Nintendo’s patch notes make mention of feature improvements and bug fixes. Notes can be viewed below.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Dragalia Lost is set to host its first story event — titled Valentine’s Confections.

From February 14th until February 22nd, players will earn exclusive event items from main story quests and event-related quests that can be used to unlock limited-time stories for certain characters.

Not many other details on the event are known at this time, aside from the quote below, provided by the official Dragalia Lost website.

The latest two big events for Dragalia Lost — both the Springtime Spree Summon Showcase and Skyborne Spectacle Raid Event — are now live.

While we focused on the details of these events previously, the official Dragalia Lost Twitter account has provided a new video for the Summon Showcase.

The tweet and video can be viewed below.

Nintendo and Cygames have outlined two new events starting in Dragalia Lost next week. The Springtime Spree Summon Showcase along with the Skyborne Spectacle Raid Event will both be kicking off next week.

Below are the full details:

A new event is now live in Dragalia Lost that doubles the amount of daily bonuses that are received in certain modes.

Fittingly titled the Double Daily Bonus Event, players will receive double the bonuses in both Dragon Trials and Imperial Onslaught until January 31st. In fact, this actually stacks with and previous double bonus packs that a player has active, quadrupling the payout.

In addition, a Tenfold Summon Voucher is now available as a login bonus until February 1st.


Update: Patch notes added below.

Original: Nintendo and Cygames have issued a new update for Dragalia Lost. On both iOS and Android, version 1.4.0 is out now.

The official patch notes make mention of feature improvements and bug fixes. Dragalia Lost itself doesn’t have any details about the update yet, but we’ll let you know if we hear about anything else.

Cygames has announced that a period of forced maintenance will take place for Dragalia Lost on January 28th, but a gift is being given to players in exchange.

According to the developer, the downtime is taking place in order to adjust the specifications for both getherwings and summons. Players just starting up the game for the first time will now be guaranteed a 5-star adventurer summon in their first set.

Current players of the mobile title will also receive a free 5-star summon voucher, as long as they have already performed their first summon.

The full maintenance notes can be viewed below.