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The Facility event A Wish to the Winds is now playable in Dragalia Lost, pitting you against water element bosses. Participants of the event automatically get event-exclusive facility Wind Shrine, and playing more lets you level it up. Here’s a thorough description courtesy of Perfectly Nintendo:

Today, a brand new event for Dragalia Lost was announced: A Wish to the Winds. Just like Trick or Treasure, this one is a “Facility Event”. It will run from November 15th (this Thursday) to November 26th, though rewards are available until December 3rd. It pits your adventurers against bosses from the water element.

Thanks to this event, you can get an event-exclusive facility: Wind Shrine. You get it automatically, and in fact, you cannot do much if you don’t build it right away in the Halidom. This building has special effects:

  • it boosts the stats of wind-element adventurers, though only during the A Wish to the Winds event;
  • it boosts the damage all adventurers deal to enemies during the A Wish to the Winds quests.

As you progress through the event’s story, you can level up the Wind Shrine, and boost the very effects we just mentioned. To upgrade it, you need something called windwhistle grass, that you can get from event quests: just like in previous events, you can actually earn more of them by having adventurers equip event-specific Wyrmprints. Said Wyrmprints also have other effects.

The event features the following battles:

  • Boss Battles: clearing those allow you to earn various rewards;
  • Extra Boss Battles: those are even tougher, but you can earn even more generous rewards! They’re not available all the time, though: they unlock at a fixed percentage when you clear the expert version of a boss battle, and disappear once you’ve cleared them once. You can retry as many times as you want if you happen to fail, but once you’ve cleared them, it’s over! They’re only playable in Single Player;
  • Daily Battles: special quests that can only be cleared once a day (you can try them as many times as you want, if you fail). They’re unlocked after first clearing the boss battle, and clearing them allows you to earn various rewards. They’re only playable in Single Player;
  • Challenge Battles: high-level battles, unlocked after clearing the boss on Expert. You have to face several waves of enemies, and if you get a Game Over, you still get some rewards based on the number of waves you cleared. They’re only playable in Single Player.

Finally, there’s several types of rewards to earn:

  • Divine gale rewards: clearing quests allows you to earn points. Once you get enough of them, various rewards are unlocked;


Dragalia Lost has received a huge update – especially in size. Version 1.1.5 is now live, which clocks in at 2.6GB.

Today’s update includes new features and improvements as well as various fixes. Find the full details below.

A lot of Dragalia news just arrived. First of all, the event allowing you to participate in Elemental Ruins quests at half-stamina event is playable now through November 18.

Second, an event called A Wish to the Winds was announced for November 15. Here’s the description:

This event will pit your group of adventurers against bosses of the water element. You’ll also be able to build event-relatedd reward facilities!

There’s also a new chapter of the manga and an epilogue added to the Kindness and Captivity raid event. You can find more details on the app.

During a recent financial results briefing, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa commented on the early success of Dragalia Lost.

Furukawa stated out by saying that the mobile game is “off to a good start” before adding that “it seems to have found a certain number of consumers who play it continuously.” The game has plenty of players who are Cygames fans in Japan while those in the United States are “predominantly Nintendo fans.” Nintendo is also seeing strong daily sales and in-game sales “stand apart from what we have seen with past applications.”

The Dragalia Lost shop is about to receive an update allowing you to purchase in-game items more often. Even better, it will require less than an hour of maintenance. The store will be offline on November 12 from 12:30 am to 1:20 am. Check out the changes you can expect at the shop below.

  • The Upgrade Packs for each element will be available to purchase twice per week instead of once
  • The Adventurer’s Boon Pack will be available to purchase 3 times per week instead of twice
  • The Equipment Booster Pack will be available to purchase 3 times per week instead of twice
  • The Unbind Pack (Mana Circles) will be available to purchase twice per month instead of once


An issue has been reported within Dragalia Lost that is impacting the purchase of some in-app items.

A cause is unknown at this time, but the issue is effecting all playable devices. Cygames has confirmed that they are currently working with platform holders to resolve the issue.


Last night, we reported on a confirmed issue within Dragalia Lost that was voiding out the function of the Wyrmprint Better Together’s ability, Hypno’s Bane.

In response to the problems, Cygames has put out a new data update that introduces a fix to the issue, granting the ability its proper use.


Following user reports, Cygames has officially acknowledged that there is a current in-game issue involving the Hypno’s Bane ability in Dragalia Lost.

This ability is attached to the Better Together Wyrmprint and is supposed to effect Hypno’s right claw in the Hypnos Showdown. However, this is not the case as the ability seemingly has no effect at all, as reported by players and Cygames themselves.

It is confirmed that the developers are currently investigating the issue and will provide further details at a later date.


The director of Nintendo’s latest mobile game Dragalia Lost delivered a message to players involving character upgrade materials. Players also receive 50,000 mana, 100,000 rupies, and 30 gold crystals. Here’s the full message:

To everyone playing Dragalia Lost, 

Nice to meet you.

My name is Maatsura, and I’m the director of the game.

Thank you for the time you’ve spent playing Dragalia Lost.

It’s been a little over a month since the game released on 9/27, and I hope you’ve been enjoying it.

The raid event Kindness and Captivity is currently running, and we’ve implemented all kinds of adjustments based on your feedback and gameplay of October’s raid event, Loyalty’s Requiem. You can find the details of these adjustments in the update notifications, so I hope you get a chance to check them out.

As things stand currently, it will still take some time before the game balance reaches the level envisioned by the development team. We’ll continue using your feedback to help us get to that ;ling.

I know you’re all having fun leveling up the different adventurers and trying out different team formations, and since I’d like you all to read each of these characters stories to the very end, we’re looking into ways to make adjustments for you to raise characters from level 1 up to the midpoint of their max level.

In order for that to happen, we’ll be making some adjustments to how character-upgrade materials (such as rupies, mana, and crystals) work and how much of each you’ll need to perform upgrades. It may take some time before these adjustments become reality, but we like to think it will all be worth the wait.

We’ll have details on this in an update sometimes later this mont.


To coincide with the start of the Kindness and Captivity raid event that kicked off tonight, a new Summon Showcase is now available in-game that introduces some new adventurers, dragons, and wyrmprints within Dragalia Lost.

This summoning focus is set to be live from today until November 14th. The highlighted additions are detailed below.