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Dragon Quest XI

Earlier today, the Dragon Quest-themed attraction opened at Universal Studios Japan. Series creator Yuji Horii was present, and shared a message during the opening ceremony.

About Dragon Quest XI, Horii teased:

“Everyone in the staff is working incredibly hard on it. I believe we’ll have some kind of announcement in the coming days, so please look forward to it.”

The common consensus is that Dragon Quest XI will finally be receiving a Japanese release date soon. Square Enix has previously spoken about wanting to have the RPG out within the series’ 30th anniversary, so the company has until May 27 to launch the game. It is possible though that XI won’t be ready until later in the year though.


Square-Enix has released more information on Dragon Quest XI, which will be coming to the 3DS and Switch.

The sections of the game will be separated into three types of areas: towns, fields, and dungeons. Towns, as you would expect, are where the player can buy equipment, gather information, and find quests. Nearby speakers will have bits of dialogue appearing next to their heads, and anyone who has a quest or trouble will have a distinct purple mark. Fields vary in type of terrain and monsters, and you can even find different things depending on the time of day and weather. You can also break certain rocks for ores and gather fruit from trees. Finally, dungeons will feature strong monsters, puzzles, and potentially treasure.

There are also two new Dragon Quest monsters: Lantern Kozuo and Mokokki. The former is an abandoned lantern that has become a monster and seeks its former owners. The latter is a fluffy creature with a giant sewing needle. There is also a new character, Silvia. They appear to be a bard character intent on making everyone in the world smile.

You can check out screenshots of the 3DS version below:


This week’s issue of Jump has another update on Dragon Quest XI. The information provides information about a new character, monsters, and systems.

Check out the new Dragon Quest XI scan above. A summary of information as translated by Gematsu is below.


– “It is my mission to make the people of the world smile!”
– A character who seems to be a traveler


– Mokokkii: a monster that carries a huge needle that can fill anything with holes
– Lantern Kozou: a lantern that was thrown away and became a monster in its resentment against humans
– Some monsters such as Lanter Kozou only appear at night


– People with a purple speech bubble mark may have some sort of request
– As you approach people, you can hear their voices through the speech bubbles that appear over their head
– Can travel the world by horse
– Can make a bonfire on the field
– Bonfires will be useful when you have a long way to travel
– In addition to resting and healing, and writing in the adventure log, you can also enjoy conversations with your party
– Saving is done with the adventure log
– At camp, you can buy items at the shops opened by traveling merchants


Square Enix has released some new story details and screenshots for Dragon Quest XI. There’s a bit of an overlap with the details revealed in Jump magazine last week, like the bios for new characters Veronica and Senya, so we will only be covering the new stuff here, in addition to screenshots from the 3DS version. Thanks to Gematsu for the translation.

As the reincarnation of the legendary “Hero,” the protagonist sets off on a journey through a vast world.
The protagonist, who grew up in the calm village of Ishi, turned 16 years old and took part in a coming-of-age ceremony as a village custom. As the reincarnation of the “Hero” that once saved the world, he understands that he is burdened with a great mission. To learn about the Hero and the Hero’s mission, he sets off on a journey from his hometown.

The destination—the continent’s biggest country, “Delcadar.” Specifically, the king.

Based on his mother’s words that all will be revealed should he go to Delcadar, the protagonist in due course heads for the king. The protagonist informs the king of Delcadar that he is the “hero,” and the king began to tell him what the “hero” means—

And then, the Hero is called the child of the devil!

What the king of Delcadar said was unbelievable. He said that the Hero is the child of the devil. In response to the king’s words, the soldiers surround the protagonist with their swords pointed at him. What is the meaning of all of this? The story of the legendary “Hero” starts off with a bang. What is the fate of the protagonist?

The story of a new “Hero” begins now.


The newest issue of Jump is starting to make the rounds in Japan. Inside the magazine, Square Enix shows a bit more of Dragon Quest XI with the introduction of two characters.

Jump has overviews of both Veronica and Senya. Their bios are below, courtesy of Gematsu.

Veronica – A Prodigy that Knows No Fear

“Don’t treat me like a child!”

From the look of her, she is a strong-willed girl. In the opening movie, there are scenes of her unleashing attack spells.

Senya – A Beautiful Harp Girl with a Relaxing Presence

“I will help everyone with a recovery spell.”

A girl with a neat and clean atmosphere. In the opening movie, there is a scene where she is playing the harp.

Source, Via

The March 6 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump, a Japanese magazine, will feature information on Dragon Quest XI, according to Gematsu. The game is coming to both 3DS and the Switch.


Square Enix has announced that Dragon Quest X will launch in Japan between roughly summer and fall.

Square Enix also intends to end service for the Wii version of Dragon Quest X. With the Version 3 period of the game, service is coming to a close in order to update the game to levels that cannot be done on the old system.

Source, Via

Dragon Quest XI was shown off on a special NHK program this week. We were able to see a bit of 3DS footage, which seemed to show something interesting (and went mostly unnoticed). Unlike the PlayStation 4 (and possibly Switch) version, your party members are shown as you move throughout the world.

We also have some news about Dragon Quest XI’s music from composer. Every piece of in the RPG is newly written. Also, while the 3DS and PlayStation 4 versions share the same music, there will be different arrangement for each platform.

Also on the topic of music, Sugiyama needed to finish composing everything for the original Dragon Quest in one week. The Dragon Quest theme was actually written in just five minutes. When asked how he felt when he heard he would only have one week to work on Dragon Quest’s music, Sugiyama said he believed he could do it.

A few new Dragon Quest XI details have emerged from NHK’s Dragon Quest 30th anniversary special program.

First, camping is in the game. One image shown from the PlayStation 4 version is of a “Camp Menu”. Here players can rest (heals HP and MP), do “mysterious smithing,” pray to the statue of the goddess, and patrol the area.

On another screen which asks the player what they want to create, the following options are shown:

Copper Sword (Seidou no Tsurugi)
Iron Sword (Tetsu no Tsurugi)
Silver Rapier (Zan no Rapier)
Zombie Killer
Platinum Sword
Zombie Buster
Magic Swordsman Rapier (Makenshi no Rapier)
Fire Sword (Honoo no Tsurugi)
Metal Slime Sword (Metasura no Tsurugi)
Miracle Sword Modified (Kiseki no Tsurugi Kai)
Hayabusa Sword Modified (Hayabusa no Tsurugi Kai)
Inferno Sword

As Gematsu points out, each item in the smithing menu has a list of required items to create that item, a description, and difficulty level.

NHK’s program also showed that players will be able to ride dragons in Dragon Quest XI.


During NHK’s Dragon Quest 30th anniversary special program, some footage of Dragon Quest XI footage. We get a brief look at the 3DS version as well as the PS4 (and possibly Switch) release. Watch the clip below.

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