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EarthBound Beginnings

EarthBound Beginnings icons Switch Online

February 21: EarthBound Beginnings is now a featured game on Nintendo Switch Online with a new round of icons. This may come as a surprise

EarthBound Beginnings was originally added to Nintendo Switch Online a year ago. However, Nintendo may have decided to start up some icons given that Mother 3 was made available on the service in Japan earlier today.

my nintendo EarthBound Beginnings notebook

EarthBound Beginnings joined Nintendo Switch Online not too long ago, and that’s being celebrated with a new reward on My Nintendo. Added to the site today is the EarthBound Beginnings notebook. Unfortunately though, it’s currently available in Europe only – it’s not live on the North American site.

As noted by the official product description, the EarthBound Beginnings notebook has eight sheets of manuscript paper for musical notation and 56 blank pages for regular note-taking.

EarthBound and EarthBound Beginnings finally dropped on Nintendo Switch Online today. Shigesato Itoi, the original director, shared a message to celebrate the news.

Below are his words:

EarthBound Beginnings

EarthBound and EarthBound Beginnings are both joining Nintendo Switch Online today, it’s been announced. These will release on the SNES and NES apps respectively.

Here’s the official overview from Nintendo:

This past week, the Mother Original Soundtrack was announced. The double vinyl analog will come packed with a number of different tunes.

To recap, here’s the soundtrack listing:

Sony Music Direct has revealed that it will be bringing a soundtrack for Mother (EarthBound Beginnings) to Japan this month. It’ll be out on December 25.

Here’s the full track listing:

No weird audio problems for this show, and nobody died this week so it’s back to form for us. Laura is in town though, so we’re recording in the same room like old times again. I did quite like listener mail this episode though so that’s good. Here are your chapters:

Intro Shenanigans

0:00 – Intros, talking about John Cena
6:45 – Game of the week: Solar Striker!

What we played

10:19 – Casual Splats for Austin (Splatoon)
16:33 – Bring me back to Tomodachi Life
24:37 – Earthbound Beginnings, but mathematical anecdotes soon follow and poop talk
28:50 – Actual Earthbound Beginnings
37:39 – Kingdom Farts for Austin

Shenanigans II

50:50 – Lazy freetures
52:47 – Donkey Konga music break.
54:15 – Tales from the Crypt with Jack

Listener Questions Mail

59:57 – Miiverse Vulgarity
1:01:45 – False Perception of Cynicism with regard to roller coasters
1:07:05 – Playing games while donating blood plasma
1:11:35 – Any Sony game suggestions for a new PS3 owner?
1:15:20 – Can Metroid ever be a big-event game?
1:21:40 – Book club talk from fans yay
1:24:55 – Should other mediums (books, movies, etc) use frustration to create a sense of adventure like games do?
1:31:26 – Should we do an Iwata book club?

Shenanigans Finale

1:32:35 – Villain of the Week: Alex Rodriguez
1:33:33 – Solar Striker QUIZ

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What a week. As you might expect, our podcast this week includes quite a healthy amount of reflection on the life of Satoru Iwata in the form of six “Iwata Bits” featuring quotes and anecdotes about the beloved CEO and some of our personal thoughts about him, but we also manage to keep on with some normal happenings as well. Enjoy.

Opening Shenanigans

4:32 – Iwata Bit #1, “The early years”
6:49 – GOTW – Radar Mission
9:59 – Iwata Bit #2, “My personal Superman”
16:14 – Balloon Fight Remix music break

What we played

18)1 – Jack dedicates his time to Earthbound Beginnings
31:53 – Austin joins the Order of Ecclesia
42:40 – Jack read Geoff Keighley’s book.
48:58 – Iwata Bit #3, “Nintendo is for kids?”
50:10 – Kirby’s Adventure Music Break

Shenanigans Redux

51:18 – Iwata Bit #4, “Iwata Balboa”
52:37 – Our personal appreciations of Iwata

Listener Questions Mail

59:38 – Need for Speed Most Wanted a platformer?
1:05:50 – Custom characters vs. pre-made characters
1:12:28 – Splatoon does allow for something.
1:13:54 – Breath of Fire recommendation.
1:16:52 – Book club recommendations.
1:22:45 – Buster needs to stop hating Majora’s Mask.
1:26:35 – Sometimes, a podcast is all you need.

Ending Shenanigans

1:29:32 – Iwata Bit #5, “Iwata saves Pokémon”
1:32:00 – Radar Mission quiz
1:33:58 – Iwata Bit #6, “A unique CEO”
1:34:57 – The End.

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While North America and Europe just got EarthBound Beginnings on the Wii U Virtual Console this past week, Japan has had access to the title for 25 years. You might be interested to hear that a couple of changes were made from the original game.

Players have noticed two modifications. The crow, which was smoking a cigarette in the Famicom release, had ditched it in the Wii U version. A reference to Dragon Quest IV has also been removed, though this was not present in the GBA release either.


Another round of footage has come in for EarthBound Beginnings. You can watch the latest video below.

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