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Nintendo is kicking off Gamescom 2019 with a brand new look at Pokemon Sword/Shield. In the video below, director Shigeru Ohmori shows off a previously unseen town in the Galar region.

Listings on Amazon reveal that Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will be getting an official guide. It’ll be out alongside the games on November 22.

Here’s the book’s official description:

A new trailer has just gone live for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield that highlights some of their battle elements. Give it a look below.

Amazon has announced a pre-order bonus for the Pokemon Sword/Shield Double Pack. If you reserve it from the retailer’s U.S. website, you’ll receive a Gold Studded Leather Case for your Pokemon Trainer.

Amazon’s offer expires on November 14. Codes will be sent out starting on November 15.

You can pre-order the Pokemon Sword/Shield Double Pack on Amazon here.

News about Town has been tough to come by since its original announcement last year, but we appear to have another small update. Pokemon developer Game Freak has now trademarked the name “Little Town Hero” in Japan, both in English and Japanese. That may very well be the project’s final title.

Town was initially announced for Switch back in September 2018. Not much is known, aside from the following overview that’s been provided:

The Pokemon Company has shared an official announcement covering all of today’s Sword/Shield news. We have the full rundown on Galarian Pokemon, new Pokemon in general, rivals, and more.

Here’s the full press release:

The Pokemon Company has sent out a new batch of screenshots and art for Pokemon Sword/Shield. We have the full set in the gallery below.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are unveiling another aspect of its gameplay today. We’re now introduced to Poke Jobs, which can be checked at the Rotomi in Pokemon Centers. Pokemon can be sent directly from their Boxes to any job they accept.

Here’s the full rundown of Poke Jobs:

The Pokemon Company has published a brand new trailer for Pokemon Sword/Shield that reveals the latest information about the game.

Here’s a recap of what was shown:

On social media, The Pokemon Company has announced that it will have more news to share on Pokemon Sword/Shield this week. New information will drop on August 7.

Look for a trailer (and more) at the following times:

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