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System: Nintendo Wii U
Release Date: October 22nd, 2013 (NA)
Developer: Eidos Montreal
Publisher: Square Enix

Author: Austin

Some games like to take themselves extremely seriously. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of those games.

The non-director’s cut (editor’s cut?) of this particular Eidos title came out back in 2011, and at the time it had not a home on a Nintendo console, which meant that folks who aligned themselves exclusively with the big N missed out on the game. When Square Enix saw the Wii U, apparently they also saw an opportunity to release an updated version of the game to a new audience– tag-lined “Director’s Cut”– and test the third party waters on this latest home console and its strange controller.

Roughly 7 months after the initial announcement, the game is out, and there’s good news: It’s pretty dang good.

Another Saturday, another Eggbusters. I did Mario 64 again this week because I didn’t have time to do anything else, but next week will be something new!

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Eiji Aonuma

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds initially seemed like a game that makes heavy use of the 3DS’ 3D features. While that’s still the case, it was modified slightly for those playing in 2D. Nintendo needed to ensure that the game could still be completed if experienced on a 2DS.

Aonuma told GameSpot:


System: Nintendo 3DS
Release Date: September 20th, 2013
Developer: Zeptolab
Price: $9.99

Author: Jack

Ever go to prom? Remember the overwhelming tension and excitement surrounding the build-up to the big day? Rushing to get a last-minute suit vest the same hue as your beloved sweetie pie’s dress, making sure that painful last payment on your limousine rental went through, flipping through your anthology for the optimal Ja Rule record on the way there to set the mood just right… ah, I can almost feel it as though it were yesterday. In fact, my prom was yesterday (I’m in the Navy), and the most vivid memory I have of that fateful eve was getting my mullet trimmed and cut into a bowl cut earlier that afternoon.

While there’s surely no surrogate to be had for a proper trim and cut, with the recent release of Cut the Rope from hitherto unknown Russian developer ZeptoLab, you can now come close to replicating the same pleasurable feeling I experienced at the hands of the barber in the comfort of your home with your 3DS stylus. At a price of $9.99 (compared to the lousy $17 run-around deal I got for a pretty standard bowl shape), Cut the Rope checks off every box a figurative contemporary downloadable game assimilates, and through sheer content and professionalism, releases as one of the most polished and notable puzzle titles to be consumed on the 3DS eShop. Om Nom.


Jack came up with a fantastic analogy about toilet seats during this episode.

This is the best I’ve felt about a podcast in a while! We had discussions (as per usual) about game design, we talk about Pokémon X/Y and Wind Waker HD in WWP, we go over news, we tackle yet another belligerent emailer who is very angry at Nintendo, and we talk a bit about “abject” fun vs. “intellectual” video gaming and which types we prefer. This (plus much more!) makes for quite an action-packed show!

This Week’s Podcast Crew: A and J and L.

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Ah yes, it is that time of year again– time to start preparing and setting up our participation in Extra Life 2013! Last year we participated for the first time ever and managed to play video games for 24 hours straight while people watched us live over the internet. This year, it’s going to be the same deal only BIGGER, BADDER, and BETTER than ever! So, here’s the low-down:

What is Extra Life? What have you gotten yourselves into this time?

Extra Life is a charity organization that is most famous for setting up a global 24-hour gaming marathon that has gamers attempting to play any game– board game, video game, card game, etc– for 24 hours straight without stopping. Anyone can participate, and your fundraising goal can be any amount you want– don’t hesitate to sign up yourself if you think you can get a few friends or family members to pitch in a couple bucks.

100% of the money goes to the charity, and it’s used to purchase video games and consoles for kids who are chronically ill or otherwise have to stay in hospitals for extended periods. The games are meant to help take their minds off of what they may be going through, which I’m sure many of you who have spent time in a hospital can relate to!


This week on Eggbusters: It’s Metroid Prime again! If any game showcases exactly what we love about the way Nintendo makes games, it’s Metroid Prime. Ambitious, tight, focused, and expansive. Mmmmm. Two glitches from that game this week. Enjoy.


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