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Let’s Talk #32: What are you playing? – December 2015

It’s the first weekend of a new month. Specifically, December has now rolled on in! So we want to know: what are you playing? Tell us in the comments below!

As for me, I’ve been a bit quiet with gaming as of late. I did start up Fantasy Life, but I’m just a few hours in. I like what I’ve played thus far though!

Highlights from last week’s topic: Have you tried out Nintendo Badge Arcade?

[Review] Xenoblade Chronicles X

Posted on 2 years ago by (@LyonHart_) in Reviews, Wii U | 49 Comments | 0 Likes

System: Wii U
Release date: December 4, 2015
Developer: Monolith Soft
Publisher Nintendo

As a JRPG fanatic that’s been craving a first-party AAA open-world experience on the Wii U since its initial launch in 2012, I’m happy to say that the wait is finally over as we’ve been graced with Monolith Soft’s ambitious Xenoblade Chronicles X, the spiritual successor to Wii’s equally ambitious and captivating Xenoblade Chronicles which was recently brought over to the New Nintendo 3DS in an updated fashion. Xenoblade Chronicles X puts players in a rich, vibrant world filled with a myriad of monsters, locations, and a deep story that tells the tale of civilization starting over, but bringing all these great things together in a cohesive way doesn’t go without fault.

System: 3DS
Release date: November 20, 2015
Developer: Spike Chunsoft
Publisher Nintendo

In a world where the characters typically can only just speak their own name, having a game that features 720 different Pokemon with their own personalities and jobs is a feat in and of itself. But once you mix in the addictive dungeon crawling mechanics of the Mystery Dungeon series and all the other elements that make Pokemon titles the iconic series it is, you are given the definitive Mystery Dungeon title and one fun RPG.

System: Wii U
Release date: November 13, 2015
Developer: Nintendo / Nd Cube
Publisher Nintendo

With Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival, I find myself having trouble translating my opinion into words. From a party game standpoint it has everything with fun multiplayer games and some single-player content sprinkled in. For an Animal Crossing spin-off title, it still has a lot to offer, too. It feels like an Animal Crossing title focused around being a party game instead of vice-versa, which is exactly how it should be. But I can’t help but get the impression that there’s something missing from the overall experience that is leaving the picture unfinished, and with a source material as large as Animal Crossing, I have to admit it ends up leaving a sour taste in my mouth.

Let’s Talk #31: Have you tried out Nintendo Badge Arcade?

Nintendo Badge Arcade hit the Japanese 3DS eShop in December 2014. It wasn’t until last week though that the app came out in the west. Now that it’s here, have you given it a shot? Do you believe it was worth the wait?

I admit I’ve been checking in on Nintendo Badge Arcade daily since its release. What’s funny about that is how I’m interested in the collective aspect more than anything else. I’m not really a creative person, and I don’t intend to load up my home menu with badges. There’s something there though that I keep coming back to. I boot up the app, visit the practice catcher, and usually use my free play. It’s easy and quick enough to get the job done! I can’t say I’m inclined to spend any cash on Nintendo Badge Arcade, however.

Now share your thoughts with us in the comments below! What do you think of Nintendo Badge Arcade?

Highlights from last week’s topic: What did you think of this week’s Nintendo Direct?

[Review] Typoman

Posted on 2 years ago by (@nintentravis) in Reviews, Wii U eShop | 3 Comments | 0 Likes

System: Wii U (eShop)
Release date: November 19, 2015
Developer: Brainseed Factory
Publisher Headup Games

Author: Travis

Typoman is a game built around words. Its puzzles are words, its platforms are words, and even its enemies are word. Yet, throughout the experience, there are three words that will stand out above the rest: creative, but disappointing.

System: Wii U
Release date: November 20, 2015
Developer: Camelot
Publisher Nintendo

Author: Austin

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is a game that lacks guidance when you start it up; it’s a mish mash of menu options, and they don’t tell you which icon to try first. But where Smash Bros. uses a lack of direction to overwhelm– like Charlie entering Wonka’s entirely edible room– Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash feels a lot less excited about its own content. Even the game can’t be bothered to show you around.

“Well, here’s all this stuff I guess.”

What should I do first?


A new Nintendo Direct aired on Thursday, so there’s plenty to discuss in the latest episode of Just a Chat. Daan and I react to the news of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, the return of the classic Pokemon games, Cloud in Smash Bros., and much more.


Brian’s Twitter
Daan’s Twitter

Let’s Talk #30: What are you playing? – November 2015

On Thursday, Nintendo finally presented a new Nintendo Direct. Fans were waiting a long, long time for this one.

The new Nintendo Direct was light on brand new game reveals, but there were still plenty of noteworthy announcements. Zelda: Twilight Princess HD was finally confirmed. The original Pokemon games are finally coming to the 3DS Virtual Console in February. Two Dragon Quest games are heading west next year. And the big one: Cloud is coming to Smash Bros. There were other things mixed in as well like Splatoon gear/maps, new/free DLC for Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, and Pokemon Picross. Heck, we even saw a few more seconds of Zelda Wii U footage, which I think came as a surprise to many.

What did you guys think of the latest Nintendo Direct? Are you satisfied with what was shown? Or were you left wanting more? Any thoughts on specific announcements? Let us know in the comments below!

Highlights from last week’s topic: What are you playing? – November 2015

[Review] Stella Glow

Posted on 2 years ago by (@LyonHart_) in 3DS, Reviews | 7 Comments | 1 Likes

System: 3DS
Release date: November 17, 2015
Developer: Imageepoch
Publisher Atlus

Author: Dennis

Imageepoch’s unfortunate demise doesn’t go without a stellar track record with games like 7th Dragon, Fate/Extra, and the Luminous Arc series that have all delivered unprecedented RPG experiences across a variety of platforms since their founding in 2005. The studio’s final game, Stella Glow, is a title that they can proudly leave with as the developers embark on future endeavors. Stella Glow is a beautifully animated and vibrant world that is as fun as it is nice to look at.

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