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id Software

Doom Eternal is coming to Switch, Bethesda announced at QuakeCon today. Panic Button will be working on this version of the game, as was the case with the previous entry in the series.

Here’s a rundown of information shared during today’s presentation:

During id Software’s very early days, a demo was created for Super Mario Bros. 3. This wasn’t an ordinary demo, however, as it was actually running on a PC.

id Software originally created “Dangerous Dave In Copyright Infringement”, a recreation of World 1-1 featuring characters from John Romero’s Dangerous Dave. The Super Mario Bros. 3 demo was based on this. Nintendo was presented with it, but didn’t sign off on the project since they wanted to keep Mario on its own systems.

25 years later, a video showing the Super Mario Bros. 3 PC demo was shared by Romero on Vimeo today – watch it below. It’s a neat little piece of gaming history!


Back in the day, Midway San Diego and id Software were planning Doom Absolution – otherwise known as the sequel to Doom 64.

According to Unseen64, Doom Absolution would have been a multiplayer-focused game. The original intention was to develop a 2-player deathmatch mode.

Doom Absolution ended up seeing cancellation in 1997, though it was still in early development at the time. While not confirmed, the project may have been canned since the Doom engine looked dated and the team decided to work on the Quake 64 port instead.


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