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Outright Games

Outright Games has announced a partnership with Limited Run Games for a collector’s edition of Jumanji: The Video Game. It can be purchased here.

All copies include the full game, its original orchestral soundtrack, an exclusive character art poster, and detailed replicas of the original Jumanji board game pieces. It all comes packaged in an authentic board game style gatefold box.

Pricing for the Jumanji: The Video Game Collector’s Edition is set at $59.99.

Source: Outright Games PR

Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure is now available on Switch both physically and digitally. Come see the game’s launch trailer below.

Race With Ryan has been dated for Switch. Although a November launch had been previously confirmed, we now have a specific date of November 1.

Here’s an overview of Race With Ryan, along with a trailer:

Outright Games has shared the final boxart for Jumanji: The Video Game. Take a look at the title’s packaging image above.

It’s also been announced that Jumanji: The Video Game has a new release date. The game has been moved up a week, and will now launch on November 8.

Source: Outright Games pR

A new trailer is in for Jumanji: The Video Game showing off first gameplay. Get a look at the video below.

Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure will release for Switch on October 18, publisher Outright Games and developer Just Add Water announced today.

Alongside today’s news, a teaser trailer for the title has been released. We’ve included the video below.

Licensed video games tend to have a negative perception. But this is a stigma Outright Games is looking to change, according to the company’s Nick Button-Brown.

Speaking with GamesIndustry, Button-Brown mentioned:

Outright Games published a teaser trailer today with Race with Ryan, its Switch game featuring YouTuber Ryan ToysReview. Check out the video below.

Race with Ryan is due out for Switch on November 1.

Earlier this year, Outright Games announced a partnership with P.W. Games to create a title featuring the YouTuber Ryan ToysReview and his toy brand Ryan’s World. That game is Race with Ryan, which will be coming to Switch in a few months.

Amazon offers up the following details:

Outright Games today announced its latest licensed title. Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure, a 3D action-adventure game, will be heading to Switch this fall.

Here are the first details, straight from Outright: