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Professor Layton

According to a press release Level -5 will hold an event called, Level-5 The Vision 2015: The Beginning.

The event is scheduled for April 7 and will take place at Tokyo Dome City Hall. They are promising this event will be filled with tons of information where they will announce the”next generation major cross media project” that is being touted as being as big as Yokai Watch in terms of popularity.

They will also make new announcements for Fantasy Life 2 and the seventh installment of the Professor Layton series, which have already been announced some time ago. Yokai Watch 3 will also be discussed including details about the anime, toys, and more.

The event is expected to have numerous talks, live music, and will also be streamed live online.


Eurogamer has put up a new piece detailing the origins of Professor Layton. The site spoke with Level-5 CEO and president¬†Akihiro Hino, who also briefly touched on the series’ future.

Head past the break for the rundown of what Hino shared. You can also find comments from Professor Layton’s voice actor here.



So this seems a bit random, doesn’t it? For whatever reason, this particular scene from Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy shows different-colored clothing for one of the characters (on the right). He’s apparently a priest-like character, so some speculate that the change could be religious-related.


GAME is offering a special Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy pre-order bonus for UK consumers. Reserve the game and you’ll receive a leather card wallet.

Nintendo UK tweeted the pre-order bonus news just a few moments ago:


Just how big of a download is Professor Layton’s latest entry, Azran Legacy? Players opting for the eShop version will need to reserve 7,309 blocks. That amounts to roughly 914MB.

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy come to Europe on November 8. Nintendo will publish the game in North America sometime next year.


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