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Back in 2008, Sting made Knights in the Nightmare for DS. The strategy-shooter RPG would be published in the west a year later thanks to Atlus.

Sting has now announced that the game is returning on some of the latest platforms, including Switch. Knights in the Nightmare Remaster has been confirmed for a 2021 launch in Japan, though we’re waiting to hear about a potential overseas launch.

For those that haven’t heard about Knights in the Nightmare previously, check out the following trailer from the DS era:

Earlier today, Sting released Gloria Union: Twin Fates in Blue Ocean FHD Edition on the Japanese Switch eShop. Take a look at some footage in the video below.

Sting has shared the first trailer for Gloria Union: Twin Fates in Blue Ocean FHD Edition, an updated version of its tactical role-playing game originally released on PSP. View it below.

Gloria Union: Twin Fates in Blue Ocean FHD Edition is slated for March 18 in Japan. A western release has not yet been announced.

Last year, it was announced that the 2011 tactical RPG Gloria Union: Twin Fates in Blue Ocean would be coming to the Switch in Japan. Now the developer Sting has revealed that the game will be releasing on March 18, 2021 for 2,220 yen. 

Gloria Union: Twin Fates in Blue Ocean was originally a PSP game, and the new FHD Edition is bringing many notable enhancements. A few of the biggest ones are New Game+, Yggdra as a playable character, a rewind function, and Easy and Nightmare difficulty modes.

The game has not been confirmed for an English translation yet, but any updates will most likely come at the official game site here.


Gloria Union: Twin Fates in Blue Ocean is coming to Switch in 2021 in Japan. The game, originally a 2011 PSP title, will be making its way to the new console with additional functionality, balance adjustments, high-definition resolution, and change to adjust the difficulty level. This follows the port of previous series title Yggdra Union, making two of the four-game series available to Switch owners.

The official website will launch in January 2021.


Aquaplus and Sting have put out the opening movie for Dokapon Up! Mugen no Roulette, the digital board game crossover between the Utawarerumono and Dokapon series. Watch it below.

Dokapon Up! Mugen no Roulette is due out for Switch in Japan on December 10.

Sting has dated Baroque: Original Version for Japan. The game will launch via the eShop on November 12, the company has announced.

Baroque: Original Version, a port of the 1998 title, will have some new elements on Switch. Those new features are as follows:

Aquaplus and Sting have gone live with the first trailer for Dokapon UP! Mugen no Roulette, its digital board game based on Utawarerumono. We’ve attached the video below.

Dokapon UP! Mugen no Roulette arrives for Switch in Japan on December 10.

Arriving on Switch on December 10th in Japan, Dokapon Up! Mugen no Roulette now has an official website up from publisher Aquaplus and developer Sting. You can take a look at the overview of the game as well as a gallery of screenshots rounded up and translated via Gematsu after the break:

Sting has been hard at work lately in porting titles to Switch. The latest to get the treatment seems to be role-playing game Baroque. Originally released on the Sega Saturn in 1998, this will not be the first time Baroque will be seeing another platform. The title has been available on PlayStation, PlayStation 2, the PlayStation Network and the Nintendo Wii.

This adaptation will be arriving sometime in 2020, and there’s currently no word on a wider spread Western release. For those curious, a story introduction can be found below:

Set after a world-altering cataclysm called the Blaze that took place on May 14, 2032, Baroque focuses on a nameless, mute, and amnesiac protagonist. Early on, he finds himself tasked with purifying the Meta-Beings, once-human creatures that have lost themselves to the delusions inside them, and reaching the bottom floor of a tower to gain redemption for his forgotten sin. Through his interactions with the other characters and unlocked cutscenes, the player learns about the back-story and characters.

Outside the tower, the protagonist encounters several characters: Collector, a young boy who stores items as a hobby; Coffin Man, who maintains an underground training dungeon; Baroquemonger, who possess the ability to read an Idea Sephirah; the Horned Girl, who can voice the thoughts of anyone near her, and lost her identity to shield herself; the Bagged One, who speaks the words of others instead of her own; Longneck, who took part in research; and the Sentry Angel, who guards the research facility. Within the tower, he finds other characters: Alice; Eliza, who seeks to create Consciousness Orbs by using the protagonist’s Idea Sephirah and help heal the Absolute God; Doctor Angelicus; Fist & Scythe; Neophyte; the Littles, who exist as the embodiment of pain; and the Archangel, who lies impaled on a Consciousness Orb at the tower’s bottom floor, and implores the protagonist to purify the Absolute God.