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Yacht Club Games

In the PlayStation versions of Shovel Knight, Yacht Club included a special stage featuring Sony’s Kratos character. The same was done for the Xbox One version, which has a Battletoads boss level. There’s nothing similar to speak of at present for Shovel Knight on Wii U or 3DS, but that doesn’t mean Yacht Club Games isn’t interested in the possibilities. Far from it actually!

In an interview with GamingBoulevard, Yacht Club Games’ David D’Angelo spoke about the character he’d like to see in the Nintendo versions of Shovel Knight if the opportunity presented itself:

Who knows?! It’d be amazing to work with a Nintendo IP. They have so many great ones to choose from. I usually go for the weirdos, so Tingle would be right up my alley.

Elsewhere in the interview, D’Angelo spoke about his interest in seeing Shovel Knight in Smash Bros.:

Absolutely, Shovel Knight in smash would be incredible! We play Smash Bros. pretty much every day, and to see our character as part of the roster would be an amazing honor! Lots of our fans have come up with really great descriptions for attacks and final smashes, I’d suggest checking them out!


On its official website, Yacht Club Games shared an update on the new Plague of Shadows content and Challenge Mode for Shovel Knight. Both items will debut in Q2 of this year.

Here’s the latest:

Plague of Shadows

Plague of Shadows, the first big free update, continues to bubble and brew– taking more of its final form each passing day! Lately we’ve been tackling alchemy items, upgrades, and overarching systems! We were elated (and breathed a collective sigh of relief) to hear everyone’s feedback on Plague Knight’s core mobility during PAX East; now we’re now moving full steam ahead on all the overarching elements that go into the most plague-ular adventure.

Challenge Mode

Are you more into digging than distillation? Already have your Feats book long filled out? Well, then sharpen your skills for Challenge Mode! Prove your mettle by taking on new scenarios and returning foes alike. Use every bit of Shovel Knight knowledge you have to take on speed run challenges, boss rematches, and other rule-benders… and expect some tricky puzzles too! Challenge Mode will debut alongside the Plague of Shadows Update. As new Updates take form…so too will new challenges!


Yacht Club also announced that Shovel Knight is making its way to Japan. More details will be announced in the future, but it’s been confirmed that a new Japanese language option will be added to all versions of the game.


Update: Here’s what Yacht Club is saying about the situation:

I’m not really too sure what to make of that. Best Buy isn’t one to make mistakes, and we even have the boxart, so… I still think this is going to happen. We’ll see. If we hear anything either way, it’ll be right here on the site.

New product listings on Best Buy’s website reveals that Shovel Knight is seeing a physical release at retail.

Entries for 3DS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions have been spotted. At the moment, it’s unclear if the Wii U version will be receiving the same treatment.

Based on Best Buy’s listings, Shovel Knight’s physical version will cost $29.99. It’s tentatively slated for September 15.


The Wii U GamePad is a perfectly fine controller, but it’d be tough to argue that developers have tapped into its potential. Even Nintendo has not yet produced a string of titles that truly show what it’s capable of. For the most part, titles we’ve seen thus far use the GamePad for off-TV play or as a map.

NintendoWorldReport reached out to four indie developers as part of a new article that touches on the lack of proper GamePad usage. You can find a collection of their comments below.

Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham

“Nintendo helps promote…as much as the game helps to promote the innovative qualities of the Wii U.”

“If you’re going to dedicate your time and effort to taking advantage of the unique features of the Wii U, you need for it to pay off in sales if you’re going to be able to continue making games for a living.”

“The GamePad is clearly not the revolution that the Wii Remote was. There, I said it.”

“The Wii U never lived up to its own potential, even from its creators. You have to lead [by] example, and Nintendo are the kings of doing this, but they failed to deliver with the Wii U in terms of utilizing their own platform, which has resulted in a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

“It’s not like the Wii U has failed gamers in a general sense, but in regards to how well the GamePad has been utilized, overall [it] has unfortunately been somewhat of a failure. And that is Nintendo’s burden to bear.”

It may not be much, but we have a little bit of footage from Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows, the game’s upcoming expansion. You can check it out above.


Yacht Club Games has shared fresh content pertaining to Shovel Knight’s first major update, “Plague of Shadows”. View a comprehensive fact sheet and screenshots/art below. Plague of Shadows will be playable for the first time at PAX East 2015.

Developer: Yacht Club Games; Based in Valencia, California
Platforms: Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Sony PS3, Sony PS4, Sony Vita, PC, Mac, Linux
Release Date:Q2 2015
Price: Free! ( Comes with Shovel Knight [priced at USD 14.99] )
ESRB: E for everyone, USK 6+, PEGI 7, OFLC PG
Social: Kickstarter, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, YouTube


Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows is a free expansion for Shovel Knight, a sweeping classic action adventure game that won over 70 Game of the Year Awards in 2014. You play as Plague Knight, the villainous master of alchemy, in a quest all his own. Using his maniacal scientific mind, Plague Knight is seeking to concoct Serum Supernus, the Ultimate Potion. However, to retrieve these ingredients, he must extract them from his former allies… the villainous knights of the Order of No Quarter! World class platforming, music, storytelling, and art all return in Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows; an explosive quest with a new play style, new story, new bosses, and more!

Shovel Knight is playable in Road Redemption, developer DarkSeas Games has revealed. You can check out a trailer showing Yacht Club Games’ character in action below.

In other news, DarkSeas said in a new Kickstarter update that the team is “still working hard” on porting Road Redemption to various platforms, including Wii U. A release date is still unknown.


Total Shovel Knight sales have surpassed 300,000 units, Yacht Club Games has announced. That number is across all available platforms – Wii U, 3DS, and PC.

Yacht Club wrote on Twitter:

Yacht Club revealed back in August that Shovel Knight had sold 180,000 copies in its first month.


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