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Yacht Club Games

Shovel Knight will launch on March 31, Yacht Club Games has confirmed. The game’s second trailer can be found above.

The video above comes from Shovel Knight’s PAX Prime 2013 demo, but it gives us another look at the game. We don’t tend to see a ton of footage!


Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight has reached alpha status, the studio confirmed via Twitter.

A message posted on Yacht Club’s official Twitter account reads:

As for what’s next for Shovel Knight, Yacht Club said:

Shovel Knight is currently planned for release by winter’s end.


Yacht Club Games has confirmed a few Nintendo-specific features for Shovel Knight. On 3DS, the game will incorporate StreetPass and stereoscopic 3D visuals. Wii U will make use of Miiverse integration.


Yacht Club Games has shared the first off-screen image of Shovel Knight running on the 3DS. You can find it below.