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A pair of video apps are coming to an end on Wii U with YouTube and Crunchyroll ceasing support later this year.

In the case of YouTube, a brief notice on Google’s website mentions that the app will no longer be available in October. Those that are interested in watching videos on the console can continue doing so until that month comes along. Once YouTube goes offline on Wii U, users are advised to move over to Switch.

Many gamers have migrated to newer devices since Nintendo moved on from the Wii U. Despite that, YouTube had still be supporting the console’s browser – until today that is.

We’re hearing reports that accessing YouTube through the Wii U browser no longer works in any capacity. This follows a notice towards the end of February indicating that support for the device would be ending soon.

Users have reported issues with using YouTube through the Wii U browser in the past, though they were eventually fixed. This time around, things are a bit different. The official notice regarding the end of support from earlier in 2020 suggests that accessing YouTube won’t work from here on out.



The YouTube app for 3DS is coming to an end. Service will be ending on September 3, Nintendo announced today. The app will no longer be available for download via the eShop once that date rolls around.

Those who are interested in viewing YouTube content on Nintendo platforms have been given a couple of suggestions. Similar apps for Switch and Wii U can currently be used, the company says.



As we prepare for a new year, it’s time to reflect on 2018. YouTube is doing just that by providing data about the top trending videos of the year.

What we’re most interested in is the top trending gaming content. Nintendo managed to make the list a couple of times thanks to Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu / Eevee and Nintendo Labo.


A few days ago, we first started to hear that a YouTube app for Switch could be launching today. As it turns out, the app has indeed been released.

Head on over to the eShop to download YouTube on Switch for free. The download takes up 89.0MB of space.

Here are a few screenshots of the app:

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Switch is just a few months away from its second anniversary. Some system owners have been clamoring for video apps since its release, but there haven’t been too many options. Hulu came to Switch last November, but offerings since then have been few and far between.

The good news is that, next week, Switch might be receiving a major video app. Though the page is currently inaccessible, Nintendo’s website indicates that YouTube is launching on the eShop very soon.

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Following changes made to YouTube in January, Nintendo has laid out how these changes will reshape the Nintendo Creators Program (NCP) in an email sent out to NCP members. Specifically, eligibility requirements have been reworked. Current channels involved with NCP who do not meet the new requirements will be deactivated from the program. See the updates in full below:

YouTube has provided an official listing of the most-viewed games from E3 2017. Super Mario Odyssey made the list, taking the sixth spot.

Here’s the full results:

As far as trailers go specifically, Super Mario Odyssey was second with 5.5 million views. Nintendo’s video is now almost at nearly nine million views. YouTube says the game’s placement is “impressive” given how it was one of the last games shown at E3.


Support for the YouTube app on Wii is ending in the near future. An official notice states that after June 30, users will be on their own, but can still access YouTube “in many other ways.”

Frankly, it’s surprising to see that support lasted as long as it did. Nintendo has created two new consoles since the Wii after all.



Super Mario Odyssey

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s trailer from E3 2016 became the most-viewed game video on Nintendo of America’s YouTube channel a few months ago. Super Mario Odyssey has now managed to usurp it.

Super Mario Odyssey’s trailer from the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 is currently at 11.2 million views. Meanwhile, the view count for Zelda’s E3 trailer is at 11.1 million.

Note that Switch itself is still the overall most-viewed videon Nintendo of America’s YouTube page with over 26 million views.

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