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Nintendo NY has announced a special event for the Super NES Classic Edition. The hardware will be going on sale on midnight, which will be proceeded by a party. The first 150 people at 4 PM on September 28 will be given the opportunity to purchase the SNES Classic Edition. It will become available to the public at 9 AM the following morning.


The way in which NES Golf on Switch can be unlocked came to light yesterday. Even so, it almost seemed too crazy to be true. Additional videos and images have surfaced over the past several hours, and with all of the evidence out there, it’s looking more and more like the discovery is real.

One such video is below. You’ll notice that it even includes audio from late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata saying “chokusetsu” (“direct”). With the unlock date being July 11 – the date of his passing – it seems like whoever came up with this went all out in honoring him.

The latest episode of Nintendo’s Japanese show Nyannyan Neko Mario Time has now gone live. We’ve included it below.

Earlier in the month, Nintendo and Best Buy halted the Miami qualifying round for the Nintendo World Championships 2017 due to the threat from Hurricane Irma. Nintendo now has an update on the situation.

Sadly, the qualifying round will not be rescheduled as a result of the hurricane’s “ongoing effects”. Nintendo says that “the two remaining spots in the tournament will instead be filled by selecting the participants from other regions with the best non-qualifying times.” It’s unfortunate, but there’s not much that can be done in this sort of situation.


Toys “R” Us has reconfirmed plans to carry the Super NES Classic Edition on launch day. Polygon obtained a couple of additional details about the release from the retailer.

First, Toys “R” Us says that its store will open at “normal time”. The amount of supply in stock will also be “limited”, so consumers are advised “to get in line before doors open on Friday morning for the chance to scoop up this hot item.”


Sonic fans have long been interested in SEGA creating a new Sonic Adventure game. However, the sub-series hasn’t been touched in many, many years. And based on new comments from Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka, SEGA isn’t in a rush to create Sonic Adventure 3.

In an interview with Polygon, Iizuka explained:

“I hear people saying that they want Adventure 3, but the path that we’re on and … Adventure 3, what fans want that to be, might not be an advancement of the series. So I don’t want to do an Adventure 3 and step the franchise back just to give the fans what they want.”

As promised, the Skylanders Academy animated series on Netflix is moving forward with a second season. Watch a trailer for the upcoming episodes below.

Nintendo has released an English version of the third interview conducted to celebrate the Super NES Classic Edition. This time, Super Metroid gets the focus. Metroid creator Yoshio Sakamoto and sound designer Kenji Yamamoto participated in the discussion.

Sakamoto and Yakamoto delve into the making of Super Metroid in the new interview. There’s talk about how the project came to be, the approach to creating baby Metroid sounds, and how hectic things got towards the end stages of development – including staffers taking turns sleeping and working during Christmas.

Continue on below for the full interview.

The situation surrounding the Super NES Classic Edition last month pointed to the hardware not being sold in Quebec. It all came down to French language restrictions in the region. However, we’re now hearing that the Super NES Classic Edition will be sold in Quebec after all.

First, check out these two tweets from Toys “R” Us Canada:

And EB Games Canada:

This is definitely good news. Whatever issues there were, it sounds like Nintendo cleared everything up.

Thanks to Lucas P for the tip.

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Two special Metroid: Samus Returns t-shirts are up for grabs through Nintendo’s online store. Both designs are up here.

Keep in mind that these are limited edition shirts. When they’re sold out, they may not return, and supplies are likely to be limited.

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