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E3 2017 is still a few months away, but preliminary floor plans are already online. Nintendo once again looks to have three booths in the West Hall. The big N is estimated to have reserved 32,000 sq ft total.

Here are a few other floor plans:

It’s not often that Nintendo talks about past Zelda games. Right now, all eyes are focused on Breath of the Wild. But in this month’s issue of RetroGamer, the magazine caught up with Zelda: A Link to the Past director Takashi Tezuka and script writer Kensuke Tanabe to look back on the classic game.

Most of the comments we have are from Tezuka, who talked about the game’s structure, scrapped idea, and more. Tanabe also chimed in with Tezuka at one point to talk about the advantages of working with the SNES at the time.

Head past the break for a rundown of Tezuka and Tanabe’s comments.

Some folks are already starting to get their hands on the new Mario Sports Superstars amiibo cards. An unboxing video for one of the packs can be found below.

A video has popped up showing some of the unlocks earned by scanning certain amiibo in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s far down the rabbit hole in terms of spoilers though, so we’ve put the video after the break. Proceed at your own risk!

First 4 Figures uploaded a new video today for its new Link statue from Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Take a look at it below.

Nintendo published an announcement on its website regarding action it is taking against the company MariCAR.

MariCAR is a service in Japan that offers a go-kart experience. Those who stop buy can dress up as their favorite character (such as Mario), play music of their choice, and drive through Tokyo.

Nintendo points out that MariCAR is an obvious abbreviation of Mario Kart. The company believes that the service is infringing upon its properties, and permission was not received. As a result, Nintendo is suing MariCAR.

Source, Image source

Earlier in the month, Netflix announced a new animated series based on Castlevania. Executive producer Adi Shankar has now shared a piece of art, pictured above.

The new show will debut on Netflix sometime this year. Frederator Studios will be handling production.


Earlier today, Nintendo of Europe put up an interview with Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma. The full Q&A has now been published on the company’s website.

One interesting comment came about when Aonuma was asked about his future. That prompted him to say, “I don’t think there’s much point in me making something other than Zelda”.

Aonuma’s full response:

“As I get closer to the retirement age, people ask me if I’m ever going to make anything other than a Zelda game. And so sometimes I think maybe I should. But Zelda games really have everything in them that I would want to make in a game. The way the main character grows and develops. The puzzles and the minigames. I don’t think there’s much point in me making something other than Zelda, if I did it would only end up being something just like it. It’s a problem. So I think I’ll just keep making Zelda games!”

Below are a few other interesting excerpts from the interview:

Nintendo UK has just posted on YouTube a video showing Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma, who answers some questions about some key elements of the series. Check it out below:

Update 2: Bumped to the top. This is back up, but it’ll take a few days to ship.

Update: Now sold out.

Original: The previously sold-out Zelda: Art & Artifacts Limited Edition is now in stock again on Amazon. Better yet, it’s been discounted by $11.68. You can place an order here if interested.

Worth noting, the BIGTHANKS code we mentioned today also works here. That means you can get the book for $59.68.

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