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Dragon Quest Builders

We have more news about Dragon Quest Builders for Switch, which just received a release date of March 1 in Japan.

First up, here’s a new trailer out of Jump Festa:

Square Enix has also confirmed that a demo for Dragon Quest Builders will go live on the Japanese eShop beginning February 1.

The new Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders will launch in Japan on March 1, Square Enix announced today. The news was just shared during the Dragon Quest Builders – Builders School Winter Course with Switch Version Demonstration at Jump Festa 2018.

Square Enix will be offering the following early purchase bonuses:

– Slime Eye and Slime Mouth recipes
– Slime Lamp recipe (Amazon Japan)
– King Slime Lamp recipe (Ion)

Nintendo will also be publishing Dragon Quest Builders on Switch in the west in Spring 2018. We wouldn’t be surprised if a release date was announced in the near future with a similar timeframe as the Japanese release.

Square Enix has announced its lineup for Jump Festa 2018, which includes the Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders. It will be playable at the show in December. Additionally, a trailer and stage show are planned.

The show, taking place on December 16 in Japan, will have the latest information on Dragon Quest Builders for Switch as well as gameplay. Noriyoshi Fujimoto (producer), Takuma Shiraishi (assistant producer), Saito-V (V-Jump editorial department), and MC Ranze Fukushima will be present.

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Square Enix has not one, but two Dragon Quest Builders game coming to Switch. The sequel was actually announced before the first game for Nintendo’s console. And then during the latest Nintendo Direct, the original Dragon Quest Builders was confirmed for all regions on Switch.

Interestingly, it seems as though Nintendo will be publishing the game in the west. No one seems to have really picked up on it or at least discussed it, but Dragon Quest Builders is listed with various other first-party releases for Switch in the company’s latest release schedule. Square Enix might be handling it in Japan, but at least overseas, it looks like Nintendo is publishing.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.

During a live stream at the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix demoed the first actual gameplay of Dragon Quest Builders on Switch. The footage included a look at the new addition of Great Sabrecub, who players can ride in the game. Watch the gameplay recordings below.

A number of announcements were made during last week’s Nintendo Direct. Among these was a Switch port of Dragon Quest Builders, slated for Spring 2018.

We won’t need to wait much longer for additional news. During the Tokyo Game Show later this week, Square Enix will have additional information to share.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is also coming to Switch. Square Enix announced the sequel a few weeks ago, though it’s without a final release window. It may debut towards the latter end of 2018.


The original Dragon Quest Builders is heading to Switch, Nintendo has announced. It’s scheduled for Spring 2018.

Dragon Quest X is heading to NX. Dragon Quest XI also appears to be a lock for the system. Square Enix’s efforts for the series on Nintendo’s upcoming system may not stop there.

At Gamescom this week, DualShockers spoke with Dragon Quest series producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto. When asked if Square Enix is considering a port of Dragon Quest Builders for NX, he said that the company is aware of the compatibility between Dragon Quest and Nintendo consumers. Fujimoto wouldn’t say that it’s happening, but the team is looking into the possibility. He added that Builders is a family-oriented title, so it’d be a good match for NX.