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The end of Miiverse is almost upon us. Towards the beginning of November, the service is shutting down. All posts and everything else associated with the social network will be wiped clean.

To celebrate all of the good memories on Miiverse, a number of Nintendo developers have contributed special drawings that have been shared over the past several days. Shigeru Miyamoto, Eijo Aonuma, and Takashi Tezuka are just a few who created art for the community.

Here’s the full roundup:

The end of Miiverse isn’t too far away. Nintendo will be closing the social community permanently during the evening of November 7 / very early morning of November 8.

Ahead of the big move, a special community has opened on Miiverse. Members can partake in the “Everybody’s Message Community” until October 11. Here you can share your your Miiverse memories and shout-outs to other Miiverse users. Since it’s open to everyone worldwide, it’s only accepting hand-drawn posts. Nintendo also intends to make a collage out of a select number of posts at some point in the future.

The end of Miiverse is quickly drawing near. Once November rolls in, the social networking service will be no more. A bunch of games will be impacted by its closure, but the community itself will also be shuttered.

Nintendo is allowing members to save their own posts. Miiverse as we know it will be gone, however. So what will happen to all of the lovely artwork and user posts created over the years?

Miiverse was assumed to be ending after text found within the latest Wii U update mentioned the service’s end. This week, Nintendo confirmed the speculation. Miiverse is coming to a close on November 7 at 10 PM PT / November 8 at 1 AM ET.

The end of Miiverse will ultimately impact many games across Wii U and 3DS. If you’d like to know which ones will be affected, head past the break for the full list.

Sadly, Miiverse is coming to an end soon. Nintendo announced earlier today that the service ends on November 7 / November 8, depending on where you live.

So what about those who participated a ton in Miiverse? What will happen to everything posted on the social network? Well, the good news is that Nintendo has started up a tool that allows Miiverse users to submit a request for a file containing all posts and screenshots saved in your album. As long as you have a Nintendo Account and make the request before Miiverse ends, you should be good to go.

Full details are on the official page here.

Earlier today, Nintendo announced that Miiverse will be ending service on November 8th. You may be wondering what this means for games that heavily use this feature, such as Smash Bros and Splatoon, or why the service is shutting down in the first place. Nintendo of America has put up an FAQ on their website that answers some of those questions. We’ve put the whole thing below:

The official Nintendo Twitter has just stated that the are about to end three of their services including Nintendo TVii, Wii U Chat and Miiverse. All these services will be ending on November 8th. Sad to see them go.


Nintendo issued a new Wii U firmware update this week. The system hasn’t seen the addition of any new features in quite some time, so normally this wouldn’t be big news. However, it ended up being fairly significant after dataminers apparently found text that mentions the end of Miiverse.

First thing: we can’t say with absolutely certainty that the datamined text is accurate. Second, assuming it’s true, it may take time for Nintendo to pull the plug on Miiverse. For all we know, it could be a year, two years, or longer.

However, we can’t deny that Miiverse isn’t as prominent these days as it once was. It’s not a part of Switch at all. Wii U is still used by many players, but it’s not in the spotlight now. And the 3DS does feature Miiverse as well, though you could argue that it isn’t as significant there as it is on Wii U.

So let’s take a moment or two to look back on Miiverse. How do you feel the community as a whole? Do you think the original idea was good for Nintendo to put in place? How active were you on Miiverse, if at all? Do you have any memories in particular? Let us know in the comments below.

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Miiverse launched with Wii U back in 2012. It expanded to 3DS in later years, but the service as a whole could be coming to an end soon.

As we reported earlier, Nintendo pushed out a new update for Wii U tonight. We don’t really have any specifics, though dataminers appear to have made an interesting discovery.

This text was apparently changed with version 5.5.2:

“The Miiverse service has ended. Miiverse and any software features that make use of Miiverse are now unavailable.”

Miiverse isn’t a part of Switch at all, so it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to see the service end at some point soon. Some community members likely wouldn’t be too happy though.


Nintendo is moving away from two notable features introduced with its previous round of hardware. David Young, Nintendo of America’s assistant manager of public relations, informed GamesBeat that Switch will not include Miiverse. “I can answer that we’re not going to be using Miiverse for Nintendo Switch,” he said.

Young also confirmed that StreetPass isn’t planned for Switch. This is partially due to the fact that the system isn’t truly a portable device like 3DS.


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