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Nintendo opened up a special Miiverse community for its presence at E3 2016 where fans could discuss everything that happened in Los Angeles. Obviously, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was by far the most talked about game in this community. This Thursday, June 30th, Nintendo is closing that Miiverse community again – so if you want to get any posts in, do it now.

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Each year, Nintendo opens a special community on Miiverse in celebration of E3. That’s now happened once again. You can visit the E3 2016 community here.

Here’s a special message about the community:

Note: only Nintendo representatives can create new posts. Users can add their own comments, however.


Miiverse will be undergoing some major maintenance next week, during which the service will be down. While Miiverse is down, game functions that use Miiverse will not be available either. Nintendo gives the specific examples of BLADE functions in Xenoblade X, uploading courses or showing comments in Super Mario Maker, and uploading screenshots, stages, and replays in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U. The estimated maintenance times are listed below:

North America (EST): June 6th, 10PM to June 7th, 6AM
North America (PST): June 6th, 7PM to June 7th, 3AM
Europe: June 7th, 4AM to 12PM
UK: June 7th, 3AM to 11AM
Japan: June 7th, 11AM to 7PM



Nintendo has a few hours of maintenance lined up for Miiverse next week. While it’s happening, all Miiverse features and services normally accessible within supported games won’t be available.

The maintenance period is set for the following times:

– 7 PM PT (May 17) – 3 AM PT (May 18)
– 10 PM ET (May 17) – 6 AM ET (May 18)
– 3 AM in the UK (May 17) – 11 AM in the UK (May 18)
– 4 AM in Europe (May 18) – 12 AM in Europe (May 18)

Note that Nintendo won’t be making changes or adding features, so this is just standard maintenance. We also know that more maintenance will take place next month.

Here’s the official notice from Nintendo:


Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma stopped by Miiverse yesterday for a special interview. He spoke about the game in general, shared (and discussed) some concept art, and even admitted that he’s unclear about a specific story point towards the end of the game. Specifically regarding the HD version, Aonuma also commented on stressing over the graphics, wanting to fix certain elements, and more.

We’ve managed to capture a screengab of the entire Miiverse Miiting. To read it in full, head past the break.

When a new game comes out – be it a completely new title or something like a Virtual Console release – its related community opens on Miiverse. It’s here where users are usually able to share screenshots of games. With one classic game that just hit Wii U though, this isn’t possible.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance made its way to the Wii U Virtual Console this week. Users, however, have been mentioning in the community that posting screenshots isn’t possible. We don’t know why this is, but I imagine Square Enix must have some reason!


In addition to new amiibo information, this week’s Famitsu article on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD contains another set of screenshots. We’re able to see the inventory screen for the first time (shown above, blurry after making it bigger), and it contains an interesting secret.

The very last box has an icon… but not an ordinary icon. This is actually the very same image used for Miiverse stamps. So while not officially announced by Nintendo, Twilight Princess HD should make use of those. Listings for the collector’s edition guide have also teased Miiverse functionality.

The inventory screen itself has seen a revision since the original release of Twilight Princess. Here’s what it looks like on GameCube (image via Zelda Wiki):


Thanks to Jake for the tip.

A new Miiverse update went live this week. There aren’t any major additions, but there are a couple of changes.

First, for the Wii U, 3DS, and PC version of Miiverse, users now need to choose a tag when creating a message in the Discussion section. Options include “Hint”, “Question”, “Looking for Teammate”, and more.

Also new to the PC version of Miiverse are links to different game pages on Nintendo’s Japanese website. These pages have basic information about different titles and allow consumers to make purchases. Note that this feature is only live in Japan at the moment.


Over the past few weeks, Nintendo has been asking Miiverse users to vote on their favorite games of 2015 for its two big platforms. The results are now in.

First up, here’s a look at the top picks for Wii U:

For the 3DS results, head past the break.


Today (December 9) Nintendo sent out another update for the Miiverse social network. There are no major changes this time but the update does apply to all platforms (Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and web). The two main changes for the December 9th update are:

  • titles can now be added to Discussion posts to make it easier for users to search through them and find ones that interest them.
  • the layout of the Discussion section has been altered slightly to show more Discussions at once.

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