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Monster Hunter XX

Monster Hunter XX launched in Japan on March 18, and had a big impact on the Japanese market. Overall software sales were 1,341,000 units during the week of March 13, which is 249.05 percent compared to the previous week. For hardware, 138,000 units were sold (105.3 percent compared to the previous week).

Monster Hunter XX itself sold 848,000 copies. The game’s success helped contribute to overall software sales surpassing one million units since Christmas week last year. 3DS sales also up 178.54 percent from last week.

However, Monster Hunter XX’s sales are 60 percent of the original base game (first week 1,488,000 copies, 91.84 percent sell-through) and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (first week 1,446,000 copies, 85.40 percent sell-through). Monster Hunter XX’s sell-through rate is 72.39 percent, which is also ten points less than the former two, so Media Create says it may be considered as lacking for a Monster Hunter game.

Monster Hunter XX has finally launched in Japan, and Twitch streams have already begun. Head past the break for an archive containing four hours of footage.

As Monster Hunter XX launches in Japan, Capcom is revealing yet another collaboration for the game. A partnership with Gudetama – one of Sanrio’s characters – has been announced as DLC.

Like other collaborations, this has the usual content. Players can take on quest and receive equipment like armor and weapons that tie into Gudetama.

A trailer for the collaboration is posted below.


Capcom published another pair of Monster Hunter XX commercials today. Both are a bit nontraditional, as they’re mainly served for promoting the game online and are on the lengthy side. You can watch them below.

The release date of Monster Hunter XX in Japan is fast approaching – in fact, it’s out this Saturday. Famitsu magazine did one last big feature on the game before its release, and while most of it is recapping old info, there are a couple of new pieces of info in there as well. Adam “Gaijinhunter” Evanko has kindly translated the new stuff.

First up, if you own save data from Monster Hunter Generations (presumably only the Japanese version), you can partially transfer that over to Monster Hunter XX. Here’s what will be carried over:

  • Story progress
  • Hunter rank up to rank 8 (you get to keep titles from higher ranks)
  • Name and looks of your character, although you are given the option of changing them once during the transfer process
  • All weapons, pieces of armor, items, palicoes, money
  • The “cleared” status for normal quests

And here’s what’s NOT carried over:

  • Everything that was in progress when you transferred, such as Hunters for hire currently out
  • UI settings and filters
  • Guild Card settings
  • Play time
  • Event quests and challenge quests

Famitsu also shared some information about two important breakthrough quests – you will want to hunt Congalala to access the high rank village and Diabolos to reach G rank.

There will also be a feature that lets you turn a max rank weapon into a G rank weapon, though further details weren’t mentioned.

Finally, a new feature will allow you to have convenient items such as pickaxes and rations delivered to you while you’re out on a quest. Also, the previously announced Sailor Moon collaboration will be available starting March 24th.

Head past the break for some screenshots that show off these new features, including the one that lets you keep the stats of gear while changing its appearance:

During the last Capcom TV broadcast the company revealed that Monster Hunter XX will be the first game that will let the player change the appearance of a set while keeping the stats and abilities from another set. This is a recurring feature that can be found in a lot of MMORPGs but it was never possible in a Monster Hunter game. However, this new system will only be available after geting a G-rank.

Furthermore, Capcom has announced that item management will improve in Monster Hunter XX through a Laboratory Expansion system with item box expansions and additional item set options. In order to unlock the expansion contents we’ll have to progress through the main story mode.


With just days to go before Monster Hunter XX comes out in Japan, Capcom continues to roll out collaborations. The latest one ties into the manga Detective Conan.

Like other collaborations, this one will offer a quest as well. Players can earn armor in the style of Detective Conan’s “Shadow Person” upon completion.


Capcom released the opening movie and collaboration trailer for Hunter x Hunter today. The former one is below, while the other is after the break due to potential spoilers relating to the anime / manga.

Monster Hunter XX footage

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V Jump’s YouTube page put up a new video with plenty of footage from Monster Hunter XX. Check out the extensive gameplay below.

Capcom has been announcing collaborations for Monster Hunter XX left and right. One of the biggest partnerships, featuring Zelda: Breath of the Wild, was revealed on Friday.

Another collaboration that went under the radar involves Ace Attorney. The DLC will have an early release between March 18 and March 20. Players can partake in an event quest, which provides a special felyne weapon and costume.


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