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Necrosoft Games has uploaded a new trailer for the upcoming Switch edition of their puzzle-meets-tower-defense game Gunhouse. The eShop listing indicates that the game will be out January 15. Take a look at the video below:

Gunhouse coming to Switch

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Back in 2014, Necrosoft released Gunhouse, a title that mashes up puzzle and active tower defense gameplay. That same game is now on the way to Switch, a listing on the European eShop reveals.

Below is some additional information and a trailer:

Minecraft: New 3DS Edition has been out digitally since the last Nintendo Direct. But as we know, Nintendo was preparing a physical version. A release date has now been announced.

You’ll be able to find Minecraft: New 3DS Edition in stores next month. Nintendo has set the release date for November 10.

The news was announced via Twitter:


More gameplay is in giving us a good look at Minecraft: New 3DS Edition, which just came out a few days ago. View 12 minutes of footage below.

Minecraft: New 3DS Edition debuted this week. We’ve heard that local multiplayer will be added with a new update, but that isn’t the only feature on the way.

As mentioned by Mike Mika on Twitter, stereoscopic 3D is in the pipeline. Additionally, it’s not too far off. Mika says that it’s already functional and will be added in an update “super soon.”


Minecraft: New 3DS Edition footage

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IGN has a look at Minecraft: New 3DS Edition, which saw a surprise launch yesterday. Check out four minutes of footage below.

We have a bit of news about the upcoming Better Together update for Minecraft. According to Minecraft staffer Aubrey Norris, there are no plans to bring it to the just-launched Minecraft: New 3DS Edition.

Norris told one fan on Twitter:

The Minecraft Better Together update will bring most versions of the game together. Among other features, cross-platform support is being introduced, so players on platforms like Switch and Xbox One can join each other in-game,


Minecraft: New 3DS Edition is out now on the New 3DS via the eShop. If you’re interested in downloading the game, 3,799 blocks of free space is required. That amounts to 474.875 MB.

Source: 3DS eShop

More details about Minecraft: New 3DS Edition are in from the official website as well as a listing on Nintendo’s page.

First up, the official announcement:

Just a few months after we brought Minecraft to Nintendo Switch, we’re double-dipping with the big N to bring the game to New Nintendo 3DS. Whatever next, an N64 port? Get on it, Jens!

We want to stress that the game is only on New Nintendo 3DS, and we’ve used all the technical might of the dual-screened wonder machine to give you world sizes of 2016×2016 and 128 blocks high – that’s even larger than the worlds on the Wii U version! Multiplayer won’t be available at launch but we will be adding local multiplayer in a future update. This edition’s closest equivalent is 0.15.4 of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and we’ll be continuing to update from there!