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A new update is rolling out for Pokemon GO. However, it won’t be as significant as the last one that introduced a bunch of Pokemon and features.

iOS users will soon have access to version 1.27.3. On Android, the game’s update will be 0.57.3. Niantic says the patch will “implement performance improvements.”


Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is nearly here. When the new campaign is ready, the update will increase the number of save slots. Yacht Club Games posted some news on Twitter yesterday noting that the Profile count will be doubled.

The message is as follows:

It was just confirmed yesterday that Shovel Knight and the new Specter of Torment content is launching with Switch on March 3. Other platforms, including Wii U and 3DS, will have access later on.


Nintendo has given Super Mario Run another small update. As of today, version 1.1.2 is available. Nintendo says that the patch simply implements bug fixes.

Update 2: The update is live, but the new Pokemon are not. We’ll continue to monitor the situation.

Update: Bumped to the top. The new update is now live on iOS (version 1.27.2). Patch notes are as follows:

– Added Poke Ball and Berry selection carousels to the encounter screen.
– Added new night-mode and encounter music.
– Implemented Apple Watch connection stability improvement.
– Various bug fixes.
– Minor text fixes.

Original: Niantic announced yesterday that a new Pokemon GO update is planned for this week. As previously mentioned, it adds a ton of new Pokemon plus some new features.

We’re now starting to hear reports that the update is going live. At least on Android, users are now starting to see the new version. We’ll keep you up to date as the rollout continues.

Wobbly Tooth has wrapped up an update for Ice Station Z. After applying version 1.2, players will have access to new weapons, locations, vehicles and passengers, and more. Improvements and bug fixes are implemented as well.

Wobbly Tooth says the update will be ready on March 1. The full patch notes and trailer can be found below.


Miitomo version 2.2.1 out now

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Following up on last week’s big Miitomo update, another patch for the mobile app can now be downloaded. Version 2.2.1 is out now. Nintendo says that it implements various bug fixes, but that’s pretty much it.

Bandai Namco previously announced that a big Dragon Ball Fusions update is planned for February 17 in Europe. A release date of February 13 has now been confirmed for North America.

Dragon Ball Fusions’ update adds in online battles, an online special moves trading function, new characters, new fusion possibilities, and more.

Here’s a rundown of upcoming content:

New Characters:

  • Future Trunks 
  • Goku Black
  • Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black
  • Super Saiyan Trunks
  • SSGSS Vegito
  • Zamasu
  • Fused Zamasu

Miitomo version 2.2.0 footage

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Nintendo issued the latest update for Miitomo a few hours ago to bring in some new features. Take a look at what the mobile release added below.

Nintendo has issued the next big update for Miitomo. Version 2.2.0 is live on both iOS and Android, taking up 83.6 MB.

Note that Miitomo is still undergoing maintenance for the next few hours. Once that’s complete, you’ll be able to fully experience the update.

To recap what’s new:

• A “Miifoto Log” feature, where you can post Miifotos or images from your device with comments.
• Answers can now have images attached.
• You can write a Bio for your Profile.
• When sending a friend request, you can now attach a message.
• You can now use the wallpaper and flooring you receive as backgrounds in Miifotos.
• You can change the outfit your Mii character wears when delivering a message.
• Daily items now have selectable color variations.
• Other various system improvements.

Nintendo is preparing for the next big Miitomo update. Tonight, several hours of maintenance are planned so that the patch can be rolled out.

The maintenance period kicks off at 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET / 4 AM in the UK / 5 AM in Europe, lasting for roughly six hours. Once it’s complete, users can experience the new update.

For those that missed it, you can read about what’s in store for Miitomo’s update here. The notice about maintenance is posted below.

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