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The Otterman Empire, the intense fire party-shooter from Tri-Heart interactive, has updated its launch date to July 2. In addition, Tri-Heart Interactive has released a new trailer showcasing the announcement. Check it out below.

Nintendo and LEGO have unveiled a series of new sets being added to the LEGO Super Mario series. These include 8 new Expansion Sets for building levels, and several Character Packs.

Here’s the rundown of the products:

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Australia’s media rating body, the Australian Classification Board, recently rated a title called Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed for the country, developed by CodeGlue and published by Outright Games on Switch.

The most recent Zoids game, Zoids: King of Blast, is currently a title exclusive to Japan that released February 2019. Additionally, a new Zoids game was announced to be in development for release this winter in Japan. No official announcement regarding Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed has been made, so it is unknown if this is potentially a new entry to the franchise, or a western port of an existing game.


Thunderful Games and Studio Fizbin have released a new trailer for their upcoming one-button game Say No! More. This trailer showcases the gameplay of the upcoming title, check it out below.

Say No! More is slated for a release on the Switch eShop this year.

HandyGames and Honig Studios have unveiled a new title for their upcoming spaghetti-western stealth game, El Hijo – A Wild West Tale, along with new artwork, gameplay, and features. Check out an overview and a trailer showcasing gameplay below.

Publisher No More Robots and developer Brave at Night have announced that their kingdom management RPG, Yes, Your Grace, is arriving on Switch on June 26.

Here is an overview:

Nintendo has unveiled the Peach Tour for Mario Kart Tour, along with a screenshot of N64 Royal Raceway. No other details have been shared.

The Peach Tour goes live in Mario Kart Tour on June 16 at 11 PM PT / June 17 at 2 AM ET.


Comedic yet macabre narrative adventure game Helheim Hassle, from Perfectly Paranormal, is now releasing for Switch on August 18, the developer announced today.

Here’s an overview of the game, along with a new trailer:

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters, an adventure game from publisher Headup Games and developer Devespresso Games, arrives on the Switch eShop next week.
Check out some gameplay with the video below.

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters releases on the Switch eShop June 19.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

Bandai Namco has released another trailer for Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions today, this one highlighting the Netherlands Junior Youth team.

You can check out the trailer below.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions will launch for Switch August 28.

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