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A few days ago, one Skype representative said that it would be “technically possible” to bring Skype to the DSi. But according to Nintendo, there are “no plans” release some sort of Skype application for the handheld.

“We have no plans to release a Skype application for Nintendo DS or DSi.”

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– comes out May 1st in Japan
– Channel will be free
– provides a virtual living room experience for the user
– register up to 8 Miis
– time in the virtual living room passes in real-time
– click on the TV to enter the video download service
– view content by recommended, recent arrivals, or key words
– no details on video content at this time
– clicking the plastic plan takes you to a page for partner companies, which shows commercials and promo videos for products. This also allows product samples to be delivered to your home, if you wish.
– calendar available for a new image every day, as well as text content
– Nintendo will be working with celebrities to bring their personalities into your living room. These celebrities will be presenting special programs. Past visits can be re-accessed by selecting the message board option
– this channel links up with the DSi in order to download and watch content on your DSi while on the go. The DSi can also store virtual coupons from companies
– in order to connect your DSi you will need the “Dokodemo Wii no Ma” app from the DSiShop. This app will be available May 1st
– limited video content at first, but plans to bring in more content in the future
– no mention of free/pay content details

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01. [NDS] Pokemon Fushigi no Dungeon (Nintendo) 142,000 / NEW
02. [PSP] BASARA Battle Heroes (Capcom) 28,000 / 114,000
03. [NDS] Mario & Luigi RPG 3 (Nintendo) 19,000 / 541,000
04. [PSP] Monster Hunter Portable 2 G (PSP the Best) (Capcom) 18,000 / 591,000
05. [NDS] Hitman Reborn (Takara Tommy) 17,000 / NEW
06. [PSP] Fantasy Golf Pangya Portable (Takara Tommy) 13,000 / NEW
07. [NDS] Pro Yakyuu Famista DS 2009 (Konami) 11,000 / 55,000
08. [PS3] Musou Orochi Z (KOEI) 10,000 / 205,000
09. [PSP] Mobile Suit Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna Portable (Namco Bandai) 9,000 / 144,000
10. [WII] Deca Sports 2 (Hudson) 9,000 / NEW


New Monster Hunter 3 info

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– Devs putting new features into the game but don’t want older players of the series to feel abandoned
– No massive change – freshness instead
– Play with Wiimote + nunchuck or Classic Controller
– Weapon categories down from 12 to 7 (Great Swords, Lances, Hammers, Bowguns, Sword/Shield, Katanas, and the new Slash Axes)
– Adding depth to the weapons
– Slash Axe – Retractable polearm – folds up behind your back when you’re not using it
– Battle Colosseum mode – play through series of quests in pairs (2 hunters, online or split-screen)
– Compete for fast times
– Obtain rewards for finishing it either way
– Both players receive own set of rewards


In the latest edition of V Jump, the magazine’s preview page briefly presents readers with a new title: Project V. Square Enix and Shonen Jump are partnering together to develop the title.

“Square Enix [and V Jump] begin ‘Project V’, which will create a next-generation blockbuster! Perhaps your ideas will become reality?!”

The DS is a reasonable candidate the game’s release, but we’ll just have to wait for further details to emerge.