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Dart Rage – 125 blocks
Happy Hammerin’ – 125 blocks
Mega Man 10 – 98 blocks


Fatal Fury Special – 190 blocks


Let’s Golf – 128 blocks
VT Tennis – 92 blocks
Globulos Party – 59 blocks
Flips: Terror in Cubicle Four – 48 blocks


Nintendo Week 3/1
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Demos (Expire 3/7)

Deca Sports DS Cheerleading Demo
Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing
Deca Sports DS Ping Pong Demo
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
Disney The Princess and the Frog
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games – Alpine Skiing
James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game
Bakugan Battle Brawlers
James Patterson Women’s Murder Club: Games of Passion

The world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, stars in his first original game on Nintendo DS: Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Osborne House. Below you can download the very first screenshots of this game of puzzles and investigation being developed by Frogwares and published by Focus Home Interactive.

In this brand new grand adventure, custom-designed for Nintendo’s handheld system, you play as the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and you will have to shed light on curious events. When Queen Victoria’s genealogical records are stolen, the Royal Family decides to put you in charge of the case and asks you to solve this strange mystery.

“We have something we’re in the process of lighting up right now that I can’t talk about but I’m super excited about. I don’t want to be too nebulous here, but fans of a certain franchise will be very happy.”

“And [Dark Void Zero is] selling, just for the record, very, very well. We’re actually really pleased. In some ways, it’s actually exceeding my expectations as to how it did, so we’ll actually be looking at some other opportunities. I’m not saying necessarily 8-bit focused, not even necessarily DSiWare-focused, but there’s some gained from learning that we take from Dark Void Zero and from Other Ocean in particular that turned out great.”

Mr. Svensson would not say anything about the mysterious downloadable title. The game may (or may not) be for WiiWare/DSiWare, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


“…I mean, we’re a very big country. Traveling to see friends just to play a game head-to-head, where both people have to have their own hardware, is not something I think that has lent itself to broad appeal. The fact that Tri will have both split-screen and online play, I think will allow for some interesting dynamics in terms of community generation that we previously haven’t been.

The other part of this is a massive marketing push, the likes of which I’m not sure anyone has seen on a Wii title from a third party, that we’ll be seeing across the West when it ships. So, big marketing push. Online play.

The other part of this is Monster Hunter, as a series, is a hard series to learn. It is unforgiving and very, very complex to learn. Very complex systems. Tri is a little bit easier to get into. There’s a much gentler learning curve in Tri than there’s ever been in any of the other Monster Hunters. That’s not to say it’s dumbed down, but it’s much more accessible.” – Christian Svensson, VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development at Capcom U.S.

I’m really glad to see that Monster Hunter 3 will be heavily advertised. I’m also happy that Nintendo is starting to take more of a helpful role with third-parties. Hopefully Monster Hunter 3’s marketing will make the game a huge hit for Capcom. We know that the game is good, now we just need it to sell!


Let’s Golf screenshots

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Gods vs Humans art

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REDMOND, Wash.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Starting today, fashion mavens who own Nintendo’s Style Savvy™ game for the Nintendo DS™ family of portable systems and have broadband Internet access will be able to download some bonus fashions from Deréon, a clothing line co-created by entertainment icon Beyoncé and her mother, designer Tina Knowles. Style Savvy players can now choose from five real-life Deréon designs to outfit their character. These new fashions include:

* Deréon Pop Polo
* “D’s Studded” Skinny Jeans
* Sasha Fierce Short Shorts
* D’s Ruffle Cropped Jacket
* “All Zipped Up” Dress

Beyoncé’s partnership with Nintendo goes beyond these downloads. She will also be featured in Style Savvy commercials, which will begin airing on Nickelodeon the week prior to this year’s Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and during the event on March 27. Beyoncé previously starred in commercials for Nintendo’s Rhythm Heaven™ game.

The new Deréon downloads mark the second time real-life fashions have made their way into the game. Players have also had access to Charlotte Ronson Designer Downloads, which lets players download items from Ronson’s fall 2009 line directly into the game.

Style Savvy invites players of any age to express their individual sense of style by managing a virtual clothing boutique. Choosing from more than 10,000 items in a wide variety of styles, designer labels and price points, players can create distinctive looks to satisfy customers with various tastes and budget constraints. Using the simple controls of a Nintendo DS system, players can enjoy Style Savvy anytime, anywhere.

For more information about Style Savvy, please visit

Launch Date: March 28, 2010, in the United States.

Suggested Retail Price: $189.99.

Size (when closed): 6.339 inches (161.0 millimeters) wide, 3.598 inches (91.4 millimeters) long, 0.835 inches
(21.2 millimeters) tall

Weight: Approximately 11.08 ounces (314 grams).

Look: The top half is shiny, while the bottom has a matte finish for easier gripping.