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Cooking Mama 3 screenshots

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New Dragon Quest IX video

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Gladiator A.D. videos

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The first No More Heroes game, while universally praised for the most part, suffered from a few noticeable criticisms. Fortunately, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle Executive Producer Suda 51 is well aware of the issues that users faced. In the sequel, expect to see advances and fixes in the open world, AI enemy behavior (more variety), and physics engine.

Suda 51 also revealed a few additional details about the game which can be read (or seen) below:

– Deeper story but not too deep
– Still will be as awesomely dumb as the first one
– Santa Destroy has been taken over by Pizza Bite
– More boss fights
– Ranking battles not always just one-on-one fighting
– Looking into MotionPlus support
– Trying to make fighting system cooler
– Girl with blond hair in trailer is a fan of Travis, becomes an assassin to she can meet him
– Can do more in Travis’ room
– Travis still has is bike but will be souped-up
– Hoping to make the game as successful as possible

No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle Executive Director Suda 51 is poking a bit of fun at Ubisoft. Ubisoft is notorious for releasing Petz titles on the Nintendo DS. Needless to say, the series has been greatly disparaged by video game enthusiasts. In No More Heroes 2, Suda 51 has explained that Travis’ cat will return and there may be a mini-game addded. He said that he wishes to make that lone mini-game “even better” than entries in the Petz franchise.

“Jeane, Travis’ cat from No More Heroes 1 will be back but maybe with a little more weight. We’re thinking about making a mini-game where you put her on a diet. We want it to be even better than Ubisoft’s Petz titles.”


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Classic Word Games

“I am the president of Bionic and I assure you that the team is in the studio today fixing bugs and waiting for any requests from Capcom or NOA [Nintendo of America]. You are invited to come over and see for yourself. On Friday, we began moving team members to other projects and laying off those for whom we do not have an immediate position. This is normal at every development studio that I am familiar with. This is probably what sparked the rumor. Last week, we completed our Beta delivery [of Spyborgs] to Capcom. We now only need a small team to handle any bugs that might pop up over the next month or so. The game is for all intents and purposes finished and delivered. Capcom has been consistent on all of their payments to us over the entire development period. Indeed, we are six months into our next major game and we expect to begin building out the team again once our prototype is accepted.” – President of Bionic Games Michael Haller

For now, the rumors that Bionic Games would be shutting down seem to be nothing more than a misunderstanding. I wonder, though…Will the company’s next game appear on Wii?