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Furry Legends (1000pts, Gamelion Studios)
A Monsteca Corral: Monsters Vs. Robots (500pts, Onteca)

Virtual Console

Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory (900pts, D4 Enterprise)


Hospital Havoc (500pts, Hands-On Mobile)
Primrose (200pts, Sabarasa Digital Builders)
3D Mahjong (500pts, GameOn)


Update: We’ve also added in the shorter, 30-second spot below.

There were rumblings that Metroid: Other M would be getting a live-action commercial, and as you can see above, that’s finally been confirmed. We’ve now seen ads from Japan, the UK, and now the United States. Which one do you prefer the most?

Etrian Odyssey III video

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Sonic Colors, as most of you know, is essentially a Sonic game with Mario-like power-ups. While many of these power-ups (called “wisps”) have already been revealed, some details on a new one have surfaced today.

He’s pissed because pink characters in Sonic always suck.

“Sonic is not the only one with spikes in Sonic Colors!

Check out the Color Power of the latest Wisp to be revealed; Pink Wisp and its Sonic-like spikes! When Sonic absorbs Pink Wisp, he can use “Pink Spike” Color Power, meaning he has much stronger spikes. Pink Spike makes the most of the spikes and is able to stick to any wall and ceilings! Exclusive to the Nintendo Wii version of the game, Pink Wisp helps Sonic explore new routes in a brand new way through certain levels of the game.” – Official Release

So I suppose this basically gives Sonic Mario’s wall-jump ability! Sure, the game is looking like a 2D Mario rip-off in terms of abilities, but do you honestly care? If it’s good and it’s fast, I couldn’t care less where the inspiration is coming from!

Via SEGA’s Blog

This information comes from Treyarch Community Manager Josh Olin…

– No demo at GamesCom
– Treyarch looking to match the PS3/360 versions
– Graphical improvements over Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Reflex Edition
– Larger landscapes and destructible environments have caused some constraints
– Wiimote/nunchuck controls
– Game will not support the Classic Controller
– No date has been announced for more Wii version info yet; September 1st possible as details regarding the HD versions’ online mode will be revealed


Solarobo screenshots

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