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Fire Emblem Heroes Winds Offered

Winds Offered will be the next major summoning event in Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have announced.

Claude: Golden Breeze (voiced by Joe Zieja, art by Nishiki Areku), Dager: Bluster Princess (voiced by Alex Cazares, art by argon), Catria: Windswept Knight (voiced by Connor Kelley, art by sachi), and Kagero: Bond Unwavering as a duo star(voiced by Sarah Blandy + Fria Coleman, art by ekao) will be featured. Additionally, 5 Special Hero Fuga: Force of Gales will appear as a Score Reward in the next Tempest Trials+ event.

Fire Emblem Heroes update 7.9.0

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are gearing up for the next Fire Emblem Heroes update, version 7.9.0.

The update will include new skills for some Mythic Heroes, new weapons to refine are coming, and more. We have the full rundown below.

Mario Kart Tour Sundae Tour

Mario Kart Tour will soon be hosting one of its regular events, and the Sundae Tour is next on the docket. It will kick off on September 6, 2023 following the Summer Tour.

The Sundae Tour will include the course Sky-High Sundae. You can get a look as to what’s in store with the trailer below.

Pokemon GO A Paldean Adventure event starters Lechonk

A Paldean Adventure has been unveiled as the next major event for Pokemon GO, and it starts next week.

Paldea Pokemon were confirmed for the mobile game during the latest Pokemon Presents presentation. The event introducing them involves players taking on Special Research complete with branching paths to introduce the new Pokemon. Paldean starters and Lechonk will all be appearing for the first time.

Fire Emblem Heroes Alear: Awoken Divinity

Fire Emblem Heroes has announced its latest Legendary Hero, which will be Alear: Awoken Divinity from Fire Emblem Engage.

The character is voiced by Laura Stahl and features art from Kousei Horiguchi. Alear’s lineup of skills include Dragon’s Fist, Dragon Blast, Atk/Spd Finish 4, Null-C Disrupt 4, and Atk/Spd Pledge.

The Alear: Awoken Divinity event for Fire Emblem Heroes goes live on  August 31, 2023. Players will also be able to summon previously released 5-star Legendary Heroes and Mythic Heroes.

Pokemon Sleep update 1.0.6

Pokemon Sleep has been given a new update, with the app moving up to version 1.0.6.

One of the highlights is that a Good Sleep Day is planned for August 30. Additionally, there’s a new night mode for the loading screen, broadening the conditions to meet a bedtime, and more.

Also, it’s been announced that Pokemon Sleep has reached ten million downloads. Players can obtain 1000 Sleep Points, a Good Camp Ticket, 3 Ingredient Ticket S, and 5 Poke Biscuits to celebrate.

Here’s the full rundown of the update:

Mario Kart Tour has revealed Summer Tour as its next major event, and it will include Madrid Drive as a new track.

Here’s a look:

Fire Emblem Heroes - Feh Channel - Choose Your Legends 2023

Fire Emblem Heroes is back with a new Feh Channel presentation, which is largely dedicated to the 2023 Choose Your Legends promotion.

The upcoming summoning event will be known as Turn of Fate. It will begin on August 16, lasting for a full month. The lineup includes Corrin: Silent Bloodline (voiced by Marcella Lentz-Pope, art by Essual), Soren: Radiant Confidant (voiced by Kyle McCarley, art by Kita Senri), Gullveig: Seer Beyond Time (voiced by Alice Himora, art by Yoshiku), and Robin: Exalt’s Deliverer (voiced by David Vincent, art by Wada Sachiko).

Pokemon GO Paldaea

Paldea Pokemon are on the way to Pokemon GO, it’s been announced. Niantic dropped the news during today’s Pokemon Presents event.

Players can look forward to the new Pokemon starting in September. Outside of the initial announcement, we don’t have much else to go on. A teaser was shown during today’s Pokemon Presents, but that’s all. Stay tuned for further details.

August 2023 Pokemon Presents live stream

The next Pokemon Presents event is almost here, and we have the official live stream for the August 2023 presentation. Note that thus far it’s only currently available in Japanese, but we’ll swap in the English version if it’s available before the broadcast begins (update: now added below).

Remember that the event, which begins at 6 AM PT / 9 AM ET / 2 PM in the UK / 3 PM in Europe, will be about 35 minutes long. Expect to hear about the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet / Violet DLC among other things – a Mewtwo Tera Raid Battle event should be detailed tomorrow as well.

Here’s where you can watch the event:

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