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Pokemon Go is debuting Registeel, a Legendary Pokemon originally discovered in the Hoenn region, in Raid Battles. The Iron Pokemon will take over for Regice until August 16. The Steel-type Legendary Pokemon has an ironclad defense, but is weak to Fire-, Fighting-, and Ground-type attacks.

Alolan Raichu can also be found as a Raid Boss in Pokemon GO. Alolan Marowak is located in Raid Battles as well.


Niantic has explained the 3-strike policy for players of Pokemon GO they’re using to clamp down on cheating. They define cheating as “behaviors that violate the Pokémon GO Terms of Service and Trainer Guidelines, such as falsifying location (GPS location spoofing) and accessing Pokémon GO clients or backends in an unauthorized manner, including through the use of third-party software or add-ons.”

Strike 1 is a warning, Strike 2 is a suspension, and Strike 3 is a termination of your account. Check out the policy for yourself below for more details.

The next Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt will be starting soon in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. This time, the Gyroidites are teal-colored and have a cherry on top!

Also, the shady Redd has been added to the game. Craft the special furniture “Redd’s Mask Emporium” and he will visit your campsite.


Two quick Fire Emblem Heroes updates before the next episode of Feh Channel airs tomorrow: first up, Tactics Drills has been updated. “They Have the Princess!” is now available in the Grandmaster section.

Also, the SP exploit that had recently been discovered has been fixed. It was possible to double the amount of SP earned each time you used the Restart feature to attempt a map again. This has now been fixed.

A new Feh Channel broadcast for Fire Emblem Heroes will air later this week, Nintendo has announced. The presentation is set for July 19.

It’ll take place at the following times:

A new Summoning Focus is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes. The focus units in “New Power” are Heroes who recently received upgrades to their weapon skills in the Weapon Refinery: Katarina: Wayward One, Nephenee: Fierce Halberdier and Titania: Mighty Mercenary. The Summoning Focus will be available until July 27th.

A staple of Animal Crossing seems to be coming to Pocket Camp. The official Animal Crossing Twitter account posted the picture above, which essentially confirms that the shady salesman Redd will be added to the game soon. Only this time, it seems he’ll be dealing in furniture instead of pieces of art.


The official Animal Crossing Twitter account has teased the next event coming to Pocket Camp via the picture you see above. Seems like the event will be jello-themed in some way.


The latest Tempest Trials+ is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes, titled Sweet Dreams.

During the event, players can obtain Marth: Enigmatic Blade and two Sacred Seals, Flashing Blade 1 and Spd Ploy 1. Clear maps to raise your score and earn rewards. By completing daily quests, you can receive Refining Stones.

Also, the number of rewards for daily quests during the second half of the event has been increased. To earn all rewards, log in each day and play three times.

Three more villagers have been added to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Players can now come across Julian, Pekoe and Boone.

Julian features the unlockable item carriage while Pekoe has mama panda. Boone’s unlockable item is the sandbag.

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