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Beau’s Artisanal Cookie is set to go live in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on August 21st.

Nintendo has published a new video for the Cookie below.

Just a small bit of Fire Emblem Heroes news today. Today’s daily summoning focus is Heroes with Drive Atk. The 5-star focus units are Quan: Luminous Lancer, Leif: Prince of Leonster and Micaiah: Priestess of Dawn.

Cygames has announced that the Story Event titled Valentine’s Confections will be making an out-of-season return in the latest revival on August 22nd.

Those interested can check out the details for the event below.

Valentine’s Day may be months away, but it’s never too early to share your feelings! In the Valentine’s Confections story event, you can use event items acquired by clearing quests from the main campaign and various events to unlock special Valentine’s stories. You’ll be able to check out limited-time stories for the various characters.
You can defeat fiends to collect items and create special memories with residents of the Halidom, but who will you choose? A strict priestess? A man with love to spare? But there’s no telling who else may make an appearance!
How much story you experience is up to you… But we hope you enjoy this extra-sweet, gushy time of year, and that you’re looking forward to the Valentine’s Confections story event revival!
1. Players must have completed up to Chapter 2 / 2-1 (Normal) of the main campaign to participate.
2. Players must have completed up to Chapter 2 / 2-1 (Normal) of the main campaign in order to play co-op.

Fire Emblem Heroes has brought back a few new events. These include Grand Hero Battle Revival: Jamke, Prince of Verdane and a pair of summoning focuses.

Jamke, Prince of Verdane is the ninth Grand Hero Battle revival, lasting until August 20. Limited-time quests are included.

In other news, Daily Summoning Event: Heroes with Smoke Skills and Summoning Focus: Weekly Revival 11 are live. The former features Heroes with Smoke Skills while the latter is for 5-star Heroes who appeared before the start of Book II.

Tempest Trials+: A Heroes Mettle has started in Fire Emblem Heroes. The 5-star Hero Sigrun: Loyal Protector and three Sacred Seals (Sturdy Blow 1, Atk Tactic 1, and Earth Boost 1) can be obtained as rewards. By clearing maps, you can increase your score and earn rewards. Refining Stones are also available by completing daily quests.

We’ll also note that Heroes with Ploy Skills is live as today’s daily summoning event. And as usual, Special Maps: Rival Domains has received its weekly update, this time featuring a bonus for defeating foes with flying allies.

The long-awaited third Choose Your Legends summoning focus, Brave Echoes, is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes. As always, you get to choose one of the four new 5-star focus units (Alm: Imperial Ascent, Micaiah: Queen of Dawn, Eliwood: Marquess Pherae and Camilla: Light of Nohr) for free. The regular summoning focus in which they appear will be available until September 6. There’s also a new paralogue story, as well as some time-limited quests, as a way to earn some extra orbs.

Today’s daily summoning focus is Heroes with Swift Sparrow. The 5-star focus units are Eirika: Anamnesis Lady, Katarina: Wayward One and Nino: Pale Flower.

Finally, next up for the Grand Hero Battle revival is Walhart: The Conqueror. You have 48 hours to beat him, as well as the time-limited quest to earn another copy of him.

This month’s EDGE review scores are as follows:

In addition to the Choose Your Legends 3 summoning focus starting soon, lots of other things are happening in Fire Emblem Heroes. The next Tempest Trials+ event will start soon – it’ll run from August 17 till August 27. The big rewards this time are a new 5-star Hero, Sigrun: Loyal Protector, as well as three seals: Sturdy Blow 1, Atk Tactic 1 and Earth Boost 1. The bonus allies are Camilla: Light of Nohr, Eliwood: Marquess Pherae, Micaiah: Queen of Dawn, Alm: Imperial Ascent, Sigrun: Loyal Protector, Ike: Young Mercenary, Sanaki: Begnion’s Apostle and Micaiah: Priestess of Dawn. A Summoning Focus featuring three of these bonus units (Ike: Young Mercenary, Sanaki: Begnion’s Apostle and Micaiah: Priestess of Dawn) has started today and will be available until August 27.

Today’s daily summoning focus is Heroes with Fury. The 5-star focus units are Eldigan: Lionheart, Myrrh: Great Dragon and Chrom: Knight Exalt.

Finally, a new map has been added to Tactics Drills.”Villager Uprising” can be found in the Grandmaster section; clearing it gets you 300 feathers.

Nintendo has announced that the new summoning event for Fire Emblem Heroes based on Choose Your Legends: Round 3 will kick off on August 16. It will feature the four winners – Alm, Micaiah, Eliwood, and Camilla as part of Brave Echoes. As part of what’s to come, a new paralogue story is planned.

Here’s a trailer for Brave Echoes:

A couple of events are now up and running in Fire Emblem Heroes. These include Grand Hero Battle Revival – Linus: Mad Dog for two days only and Summoning Focus: New Power, which features four Heroes who have gained new skills as 5-star units.

We’ll also make note of the latest 24-hour daily summoning event. Healing Skills is live, lasting until this time tomorrow.