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The latest update for Has-Been Heroes can now be downloaded on Switch. Developer Frozenbyte issued version 1.0.3 today.

The new update adds in some features and fixes as well as improved controller detection on Switch. We’ve posted the full patch notes below.

There’s a little bit of uncertainty surrounding De Mambo’s release date on Switch. It was originally scheduled for this Thursday in all territories, but the official eShop listing now shows a date of July 6. We should be finding out pretty soon if the week delay is happening.


FDG Entertainment published another new blog for Monster Boy. For today’s entry, we’re once again able to see how one of the game’s areas has been completely reworked.

This is what Monster World Village used to look like:

And the new version:

The old version of the inn “looks nice but not refined enough to meet todays standards.” As for the new version, it “shows the new quality level which we aim to reach in all areas of the game.” The developers added: “With 4 years in production, we don’t want to have any drawbacks and finish the game properly so it can shine and impress.”


Playtonic offered up a new status update on the Switch version of Yooka-Laylee today. The 3D platformer is entering testing, and once that’s complete, a release date should be announced “shortly after”. We’re hoping that launch isn’t too far off.

Here’s the official tweet from Playtonic:


Minecraft will be updated very soon on Switch and Wii U with the latest features and DLC. Along with the Glide Giants Track Pack and Mini Game Heroes Skin Pack, new achievements, mobs, and more will be available.

Below are the full patch notes:

During a previous Nintendo Direct, it was announced that Namco Museum is on the way to Switch. The latest issue of Famitsu now makes the collection official Japan and also confirms the addition of another title: Pac-Man Vs.

Pac-Man Vs. was actually developed by Nintendo. Bandai Namco published the game on GameCube, which later ended up on DS as well.

Here’s the full lineup of titles featured in Namco Museum:

Sumo Digital isn’t done with Snake Pass. In July, the studio will release the first DLC for the game.

Those who have yet to purchase Snake Pass may want to take advantage of a new discount. It’ll be 40 percent off until July 4.

Here’s a video teasing Snake Pass’ upcoming DLC and announcing the sale:

Source: Sumo Digital PR

This week’s Famitsu review scores are as follows:

Gundam Versus (PS4) – 8/8/8/9
Omega Labyrinth Z (PS4/PSV) – 8/8/8/8
De Mambo (NSW) – 7/7/7/9
Minna de Nanpure (3DS) – 7/7/7/6
Touhou Genso Maroku W: The Devil of Decline (PSV) – 6/7/6/7

Ratalaika Games has a new video up showing the level editor in League of Evil running on Switch. When it’s ready, it’ll be compatible with the touchscreen. Watch the footage below.

Hyper Sentinel

Huey Games released a new dev blog for Hyper Sentinel, which is coming to Switch. The video below shows the latest footage and making improvements to colors in particular.


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