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-Deus Ex: Human Revolution [PC/360/PS3]
-Dungeon Siege 3 [PC/360/PS3]
-The 3rd Birthday [PSP]
-Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy [PSP]
-Final Fantasy XIV [PS3]
-Gun Loco [360]
-Mindjack [360/PS3]
-Kingdom Hearts Re:coded [NDS] – January 11th

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First, Keiji Inafune commented on the title, and even stated that he was “80 per cent certain” that Capcom would turn down the possibility of Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton starring in the same game…

“I thought it would be impossible. Phoenix Wright is handled very carefully within Capcom. [Shu Takumi] doesn’t listen to what people say. Nobody but Hino could have thought of it. In a sense, we’re rivals, so usually you wouldn’t want to do this sort of thing…It wasn’t a case of licensing out the Phoenix Wright characters and demanding our licence money. That isn’t a collaboration, and users would see that. For this standalone game, we wanted to create a great history, which would have been impossible if both parties were not fully involved.”

Next, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino talked about the game a bit, and indicated that Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton will have a showdown…

“I think the fans of both games want to see a showdown, and also want to see a scene where [Layton and Wright] join hands and take on a really big challenge…We want to fill the game with both aspects.”

Hino also discussed the influence of Phoenix Wright on the Professor Layton series…

“We researched the good and bad points of Phoenix Wright, developed the good points and overcame what I saw as the bad points – that’s how we created Professor Layton.”


This information comes from David Tyler, general manager for Activision’s licensed business unit…

“Our expectations are that GoldenEye 007 will be one of the best-selling games for the year on the Wii.”

If I’m remembering correctly, GoldenEye 007 sold very, very well on the N64. It might be a tough task to match the sales of the original game. Still, I think the title will end up doing pretty decently when it’s released next month.


Obviously, nothing has truly changed in the trailer since we posted it at the end of September, but we finally are able to listen to English voiceovers…

Super Robot Wars L trailer

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The Last Story details

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– Exclusive direct control of Elza during combat
– Move him with the analogue stick
– Guard/evade with manual button presses
– Manual mode available, enable it to attack with button presses
– Switch to combat automatically when you’re near an enemy
– No battle screen transition
– Gathering Burst: When Elza blocks an incoming enemy attack in Gathering mode, he’ll do a “Burst Up,” build up this power to unleash a Gathering Burst attack when he comes out of Gathering mode (damages enemies and might reduce their speed)
– Cure: Elza can recover fallen allies by touching them in Gathering mode, party member will have temporary ability boosts
– Freeze time and enter “Command Mode”
– In Command Mode, can assess the situation and issue commands to allies, directing which magic you want them to use and where you want them to move
– Elza shown ordering Kanan to cast one of Holy, Return, or Heal magic in Famitsu scans
– Holy spell: Attack based off light, party defense strength increases when spread
– Heal spell: Recovery magic, HP and status effects cleared when used
– Return: Warp to a “Heal Circle” nearby
– Specify a spell’s precise position when selected
– Camera moves above the action when selecting a target
– Command Mode can be used on Elza
– Power Hit: Elza’s attack strength rises
– Wind: Attack enemies, also a spell to spread the Magic Circle effects
– Return: Go to a nearby “Heal Circle”
– If you use Command Mode, need to wait a short while to use it again


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