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In Europe, Nintendo just published a demo for Hey! Pikmin on the eShop. Take a look at a video celebrating the release below.

Amazon Japan has offered up several screenshots from Hey! Pikmin. Have a look at the latest images below.


Nintendo has opened up the full Japanese website for Hey! Pikmin. The site contains some info on the various types of Pikmin, the game’s story and the specifics of how the game plays. There are also quite a few screenshots to look at. You can find the website here.

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Nintendo just uploaded a brand new Hey! Pikmin trailer on its Japanese YouTube channel that acts as an overall introduction to the game. Have a look at it below.

Nintendo opened another teaser site for an upcoming 3DS game. Getting ready for its late July launch, Hey! Pikmin’s site is up here. While you wait for the full thing to open, you can catch up on some screenshots and gameplay information.

This week’s issue of Famitsu contains a new Hey! Pikmin preview. The magazine covers the game’s story, amount of levels, and more.

To start off, Pikmin types and abilities are as follows:

– Red: Strong against fire and can move on fiery places
– Yellow: Strong against electricity and doesn’t get paralyzed; can also fly high when thrown
– Blue: Strong against water and useful in underwater explorations
– Winged: Can fly with its feathers; multiple winged Pikmin can allow Olimar to fly
– Rock: Can destroy hard objects

Hey! Pikmin details

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Hey! Pikmin was one of a few 3DS games playable at a press event this past week. Read up on some details about the game below, courtesy of Eurogamer’s preview.

– Three levels playable at a demo event
– From the opening two sectors of the game
– These levels teach the fundamental controls and introduce game concepts
– Gather 30,000 Sparklium to fix Captain Olimar’s crashed spaceship
– Control pad or Y and A buttons move Captain Olimar left and right
– Use the stylus to blow the whistle to get Pikmins’ attention and to activate a jet pack
– Jet pack hovers Olimar a fixed, short distance above the ground where you can move him left or right for a short while
– Use the jet pack to climb ledges
– Throw Pikmin with jabs rather than swipes
– Throw distance determined by how far away from Olimar you tap the screen or what you’re aiming at
– Self-contained levels see you locating Pikmin in order to navigate a play area that consists of moving left to right and finding the occasional hidden cave entrance that houses additional Sparklium
– Recruit Pikmin from vegetative clumps by way of a whistle-blow
– Use the same whistle-blow in order to keep your Pikmin together and in check
– Fling Pikmin to move a block, pull a lever, squash obstacles
– Enemies must be specifically targeted
– No mid-level check-pointing


The European boxart is in for Hey! Pikmin. We’ve gone ahead and attached it above.

You’ll notice that Europe’s packaging image than the one planned for North America. Here’s the one we’re getting stateside to compare:

A quick update on Hey! Pikmin: we now know that the 2D Pikmin spin-off game is being developed by Arzest. Nintendo themselves have not released that information yet – we know that because the game recently received an age rating in Australia (G – General, suitable for everyone) and Arzest was listed as the developer.

Arzest have previously worked on Yoshi’s New Island and the 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.


Right after the latest Nintendo Direct, new games were added to the StreetPass Mii Plaza. There are now five new ones to collect in total.

Like the previous batches of StreetPass Mii Plaza releases, these new ones were made by different developers. Let’s take a look at who those are:

– Slot-Car Rivals: Good Feel
– Market Crashers: Good Feel
– Ninja Launcher: Prope
– Feed Mii: Prope
– Mii Trek: Arzest

All three of these developers have been working on StreetPass Mii Plaza for awhile, so their involvement here is no major surprise. Still, it’s interesting to see who exactly was behind each one.


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