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Capcom has interest in releasing Monster Hunter Frontier G outside of Japan.

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono said during a recent developer interview published on the company’s website:

We do. The letter “G” in the title implies it’s compatible with a wide range of platforms, including PlayStation3, Wii U, Xbox 360, and PC. We’re also planning to extend this support to PlayStation Vita. The reason why we have increased our support for so many hardware platforms is because we have our sights set on distributing services for this game in the future outside Japan. We simply can’t release a game as it is, but need to adapt all the necessary services to the unique characteristics of each region. In preparation for that, we’ve broadened our scope and started launching individual titles across multiple hardware platforms.

Now, what does this mean exactly? Monster Hunter Frontier G could very well be heading into other regions of Asia. Naturally, we’re also hoping that the game is being considered for the west.


Starting today, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is seeing a sale on the eShop. The Wii U and 3DS versions can both be purchased for $20 each. This offer will last until February 3.


Monster Hunter is seeing its 10th anniversary this year. To celebrate, Capcom released the video above highlighting the series’ previous entries.


Capcom has gone ahead and opened the official Japanese website for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, or Monster Hunter 4G. Access it here. The site houses Ultimate’s debut teaser, but that’s mostly it for now.

After announcing Monster Hunter 4G for Japan earlier today, Capcom followed up with a confirmation for the west. Indeed: Monster Hunter 4G will be arriving in North America and Europe in early 2015 as “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate”.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is said to be “built on the foundations of Monster Hunter 4 but have way more content.” “In typical Monster Hunter fashion, you can expect to see a number of returning older monsters, but also a great selection of new threats to challenge you in unique ways,” Capcom teased.


Capcom announced Monster Hunter 4G for 3DS at Monster Hunter Festa earlier today. While not many details have been revealed as of now, we do know that save data from the original game can carry over. Capcom also intends to ship the game in Japan this fall.

A message from Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto outlines some fairly ambitious plans for the company over the next five years, not the least of which is their plan to hire at least 100 new development staffers every year. The goal? To improve the strength of the team at Capcom and the quality of titles put out in order to build a stronger brand and make more money.

“Our next objective is to provide to as many people as possible a variety of products that take full advantage of Capcom’s vast amount of content,” he said, noting that certain games– Monster Hunter 4 in particular— performed excellently over the past year while others– Resident Evil 6 comes to mind– did not.

Capcom Website via Polygon


Capcom has posted the boxart and provided a look at its e-store exclusive first print bonus. View both items below:

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