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Crystal Crisis

Crystal Crisis

To celebrate today’s launch, Nicalis has prepared a new trailer for Crystal Crisis. Take a look at the video below.


GiantBomb has posted a new 30-minute gameplay video for the puzzle fighter Crystal Crisis. Take a look at the footage below.

Nicalis has revealed an updated, final boxart for Crystal Crisis. Have a look at the new packaging image above.

Crystal Crisis launches on May 23. In case you missed it, read our interview with Nicalis here.


Crystal Crisis

It was nearly a year ago that we first found out about Crystal Crisis, a new puzzle-based fighting game from Nicalis. The game is currently on track to launch on May 28. Ahead of its release, we spoke with Nicalis president Tyrone Rodriguez to learn a bit more about what fans can look forward to.

In our interview, Rodriguez spoke about where the inspiration for Crystal Crisis came from, how characters were decided, teased the story more, and commented on trying to appeal to both casual and competitive players. You can read our full discussion below and check out some brand new screenshots.

It seems like Blade Strangers, the crossover fighting game from Nicalis, is getting at least one new character as DLC. Nicalis posted the screenshot you see above on Twitter, alongside the text “Aban performs a perfectly timed Counter vs Curly in #CrystalCri–wait, what!?! This isn’t #CrystalCrisis!”.

Aban (Hawkins) from 1001 Spikes is one of the characters in the picture, however the game shown isn’t Crystal Crisis, a crossover puzzle game in which Aban is confirmed to appear, but Blade Strangers, where he isn’t playable yet. This seems to indicate that Aban will be added to Blade Strangers as DLC; it’s unclear whether this’ll be paid or free DLC.

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Crystal Crisis has well over a dozen characters on its roster. Over on Twitter, developer Nicalis revealed the latest participant. Kawase from Umihara Kawase will be playable, the company announced.

Here’s a brief look at her in Crystal Crisis:

Following a bit of a delay, Crystal Crisis will launch for Switch on May 28.


Crystal Crisis has been delayed, moving from its April 23 release date. Nicalis will now ship the game on May 28.

Despite the delay, Nicalis will be adding more content to the game. This includes a new playable character, an intro narrated by voice actor Peter Cullen (who voices Optimus Prime in Transformers), and more.

Here’s the Crystal Crisis intro narration by Cullen:

Crystal Crisis

Nicalis finally announced a release date for Crystal Crisis. The cute and colorful new color-matching combat game is set for release on April 23.

Here’s an overview for Crystal Crisis:

Crystal Crisis

During a Wednesday Night Fights Offseason live stream, a bunch of Crystal Crisis was shown with over an hour of footage. We’ve posted the recording below.

Crystal Crisis

Nicalis released the full opening cinematic for the Switch puzzle fighter Crystal Crisis. We have the video attached below.

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